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  1. I actually just rejoined the game and am starting a new server. You can find me on Goblin with the Au Ra named Thayd Ethna.
  2. Yes, I have the JPG-fix version. I saw that one or two people have used the silver border for some custom cards before, but they didn't release any resource files and it appears they just removed the previous portrait and then put theirs inside the frame instead.
  3. I'm currently making a template for custom cards to be used in FFXIV's Triple Triad game. Mainly, these cards are cosmetic, but because of the increasing number of ways you can play this game online, custom cards can actually be used. However, I have ran into a bit of a roadblock - I need two images that I cannot replicate on my own. Specifically, the two border types - bronze and silver. I have everything else required. Now, I know what some people may be thinking: "Hey, tool, if I had those, then I'd be making my own cards. Why would I hand them over just so you can make them?" Well, th
  4. Go ahead and toss an invite to Cho Renma whenever you have a chance.
  5. I'm definitely interested. Contact Cho Renma in-game if I am unable to find you; or just through here, I guess.
  6. That was my question, right there. If there was serious in-game confirmation on the difference. I think I'm going to stick with what I've been assuming - for now, at least. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Yeah, I know about Qigong and Chakra as both application and philosophy, but its application into superior techniques in this game is something that I'm trying to nail down. It's actually really important, since it either limits or expands on what Monks should and shouldn't be able to do in-character. For example, if Chakra DOES come directly from the soul, then that means that Monks manipulate Aether using their body, and that they use the Aether to unclog both their personal Lifestream and the Lifestream of the planet. This means that Monks are MUSCLE WIZARDS RAAAAH! ...but seriously, t
  8. Alright, I've got a question for y'all. I'm trying to understand Monks and how their techniques gain power, but I think I'm struggling a little bit and I'm stumped. Here is what I get so far... 1. In FFXIV, the Lifestream exists - both in the planet, and in living things. 2. Monks draw their power from the soul. 3. The power that is drawn from the soul is a very specific form of Aether that they call, "Chakra". Chakra is an equatable energy source to aether that fuels magic. 4. By reaching a higher state of mind, Monks unlock one of seven gates that block the flow of C
  9. Here, educate yourselves with the original Aesop. ZEBGCOCxLgA dd_W_x3nclY wslm6NFHh-U
  10. I want to say JSRF, but I keep getting the feeling that I'm wrong.
  11. From the Divine Ones. YM5xJzFhbW8
  12. The costume isn't quite finished yet, but here's what Cho Renma be wearing come the 31st.
  13. Saigejo


    *Socially crippling* to such an extent that she cannot function normally any further. A pint-sized Incredible Hulk without the size-changing strength-altering nonsense; she flies into a rage at the smallest provocation. I'm intending for her RP in-character to either deal with this issue by removing it, or having Djoss hone it.
  14. Hey there. Requesting a pearl as well, should there be any open slots still available.
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