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Very much a noob.


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Herro guys.


I'm going to say that I refuse to get in-game for roleplay until I'm in Balmung... but with that said, I seem to have much to learn. I've just started a 14 day free trial just to see how the roleplay community is and if I actually enjoyed the game enough to pay a subscription for. I just wanted to drop in and say hi in the chance that I do end up staying around. :P

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Hello there, and welcome to the forums! Hopefully you can make it into Balmung soon and we'll see you about the place.


Just a friendly reminder, however. I would recommend that you choose a forum image that is either a screenshot of your character, or artwork you have commissioned yourself. We have many artists here and many whom partake of those services by paying hard-earned money for commissions of their characters. Naturally, you are free to do as you please but as a mark of respect for the hard work that people do put into it, it might just be something to keep in mind in future. :)


(If I am mistaken and that is your art, please feel free to disregard!)

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