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Storytelling Night [9/16]


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[glow=orange]Storytelling Around the Fire[/glow]

Sunday, September 16th @ 8:00pm EDT (until whenever)

(Different Time Zone?)


Gridanian authorities have granted permission once again for us to have a contained bonfire upon the stage of Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre. On the 16th sun of the fifth astral moon at the 8th bell after mid-day, I would like to extend an invitation to anyone from any nation with a story of their own to share, or a yearning to listen to others share their own tales - be they factual or fiction, comedy or tragedy, stories of heroic deeds of your own, or maybe a friend or loved one. We will gather in a circle around the fire and share in these retellings. Food and beverage will be provided for those hungry and thirsty. Who knows - maybe you will walk away from the experience with newfound appreciation, a few new friends, or at the very least a full belly.


A few simple ground rules I would ask everyone to adhere to:


  • Please be respectful of the current storyteller.
  • Please feel free to come and go as you must, as the event may span several bells, but in doing so please be sure to adhere to the above rule.
  • If sharing your own story, please keep it relatively brief to allow time for others to share as well.
  • A queue will be established to determine storytelling order for those interested in sharing.
  • If there are stories left untold after the bonfire begins to die down, a petition to Gridania for another event will be made, and I will see to it that those who did not have a chance to tell their tales the first time are given priority to speak at this.


If there are any questions, or anyone wishes to help with the smooth organization of this event (as provisioning food and beverage or acting as an usher), please contact Miss Eva Ianeira. Correspondance may be directed to the headquarters of the Twin Adder in Gridania ((or just PM me ^^ )).


I hope to see many faces and hear some wonderful stories!


Warm regards,

~Eva Ianeira, hostess



((The above is in the format of a simple flyer that appears in the taverns and places of interest in all city-states. Questions or comments can be posted here or PM'd to me. This isn't affiliated with any particular linkshell/company, and everyone from any RP group is invited to come and participate so long as they're respectful. This is meant to be lighthearted fun and not an outlet for character drama (unless that's within the story you're telling). Please help me spread the word by sharing this with your linkshell friends that may not frequent the RPC. Thank you! ;)


I also figured a couple weeks would give enough time for those interested in sharing to write up some material that they might want to share. Last time we had some pre-written stuff, and some of us I think sort of just went off the cuff with variations of stories we'd heard before. Either way is great! ))

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  • 2 weeks later...




(( Just a friendly reminder to notify that this is coming up in less than a week. We had some great stories told the last time, but I know a little bit of preparation is needed, whether it be to author something creative and new, or tweak an existing story to make it fit in with Eorzean lore. I'm hoping to see everyone there and will probably be spamming Backstage with a notice or two each night for those who don't frequent the RPC. Please help me spread the word! ))



(( Oh!! Also last time there was a little confusion about having a fire pit on the wooden stage at the amphitheatre. Just to kind of provide a helpful illustration, the wrought-iron firepit being dragged up there is kind of a larger version of the one depicted below. No, we are not burning the stage down. lol ))





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Figured I'd post a log of the stories and whatnot from last night, since I know a lot of people had to AFK or DC'd at some point or another and their characters were technically still there. :) Also, fun stories and poems and junk for OOC reading!




Eva Ianeira: It's about... well...

Eva Ianeira reaches into her satchel and removes a bright yellow sun lemon, holding it up at eye-level and examining it curiously for a moment.

Eva Ianeira: My ode... to the sun lemon~

Keisuna Hidae smirks at her.

Eva Ianeira takes another deep breath as she closes her eyes and allows the words to come back to her.

Eva Ianeira: There has always been something about sun lemons...

Eva Ianeira: Puckered lips. Eyes open, invigorated.

Eva Ianeira: Salivation. Anticipation.

Eva Ianeira: An acquired taste, maybe. Or an unusual one.

Eva Ianeira: I recall the first I ever had, even.

Eva Ianeira: Peeling away the yellow skin.

Eva Ianeira: Biting down.

Eva Ianeira: Tart. Juicy. Sour.

Leanna Milose yawns silently, then blushing realizing how rude it may have seemed.

Eva Ianeira: "Oh Dear," my father had said, "You're not supposed to eat that by itself."

Eva Ianeira: "Why not?"

Eva Ianeira: Amusement. Joy.

Eva Ianeira: A flavor too harsh to some.

Eva Ianeira: Tickles my tongue.

Eva Ianeira: Stimulates my senses.

Eva Ianeira: Teases my taste.

Eva Ianeira: Such strange satisfaction.

Eva Ianeira: Few things in this life do I have such feelings for.

Eva Ianeira: Falling in love

Eva Ianeira: For me

Eva Ianeira: Is Sun Lemons...

Eva Ianeira gives a somber smile, and a tear is quickly wiped away from her eye as she returns to her seat.

Nel Celestine nods silently to Eva.

Eva Ianeira: Someone else can share... anything...

Aysun Demiir looks around the circle.

Yssen Van seems lost in thought.

Keisuna Hidae frowns. "I'm afraid it seems I'm not the only one who has come without somethin prepared..."

Nel Celestine looks down at Ilyanna.

Yssen Van: Preparation can be overrated.

Deirdre Taea: ... a good story is not one prepared, it is one that remains with you.

Eva Ianeira nods to Deirdre Taea.

Deirdre Taea: ... perhaps, a song?

Yssen Van: Never was much of a singer...

Deirdre Taea looks around the group, eyes only half lidded.

Eva Ianeira: Song, lyric, poem, story... Something to make more of this gathering than a group of folks gathered around a fire in silence...

Gospel Gestalt closes his eye and releases a small yawn as he quietly listens to the group.

Nel Celestine: I can sing.

Yssen Van: Right then.

Deirdre Taea shrugs softly, sighing, moving through her bag.

Yssen Van: Oh... well... you go first then.

Kylin Mavanix watches Deirdre carefully as she rummages through her bag.

Deirdre Taea pulls out a big, scary... harp.

Nel Celestine glances over at the harp.

Deirdre Taea looks over at Nel.

Eva Ianeira arches an eyebrow.

Leanna Milose raises an eyebrow at the harp.

Nel Celestine: It was a song my mother used to sing a lot, Deirdre, you might know the tune.

Nel Celestine hums a few notes to give her the flow of the song before she starts.

Nel Celestine: When I was alone as one, my eyes were as blind, I know~âª

Nel Celestine: Sky brillant with blue elegance, I couldn't behold.~âª

Deirdre Taea blinks a few times before closing her eyes, hesitating a mere moment before thin fingers gently pluck the strings of the harp.

Nel Celestine: When I was alone as one, My heart was as ice, so cold.~âª

Nel Celestine: Wind whispering sweet melodies, I could not behold.~âª

Nel Celestine: Sight to my eyes, and warmth to my heart,~⪠Your love has been such to me.~âª

Nel Celestine: Pull closer now, And strengthen my lean~ing,~âª

Nel Celestine: Toward love to heal all wounds.~âª

Nel Celestine: When out hearts both beat in time, Theres magic in your smile,~âª

Nel Celestine: It seems there's nothing we can't do.~âª

Nel Celestine: And within your warm embrace, My heart will find a place, Even from a~far~âª

Nel Celestine: Our love forever shall be~ destiny.~âª

Nel Celestine smiles down to Ilyanna and blushes.

Eva Ianeira removes a dagger from somewhere in her robes and cuts the lemon into quarters, eating the fruit to the rind as she listens to song and lyric.

Nel Celestine: Th... that's my song.

Eva Ianeira claps for Nel Celestine.

Gerik Aston claps for Nel Celestine.

Leanna Milose claps for Nel Celestine.

Kylin Mavanix claps for Nel Celestine.

Deirdre Taea finishes the last few notes, and nods, glancing again at Nel.

Eva Ianeira claps for Deirdre Taea.

Yssen Van nods to Nel Celestine.

Nel Celestine: thank you Deirdre for your help

Aysun Demiir smiles slightly.

Deirdre Taea nods to Nel Celestine.

Keisuna Hidae smiles at Nel. "That was lovely..."

Eva Ianeira: Never knew you played.

Eva Ianeira smiles softly at Deirdre.

Deirdre Taea looks down at her harp sadly. "I had some time to learn..."

Eva Ianeira nods to Deirdre Taea.

Gerik Aston claps for Deirdre Taea.

Yssen Van seems lost in thought.

Eva Ianeira: Oh, um... anyone else? Anything? Please...?

Yssen Van: Seems we have a bit of a theme going.

Aysun Demiir: ..I know a poem.

You nod to Yssen Van.

Eva Ianeira nods to you.

Aysun Demiir looks up idly, "Great is the sun, and wide she goes; Through empty heaven with repose,"

Aysun Demiir: And in the blue and glowing days; More thick than rain she showers her rays.

Aysun Demiir: Though closer still the blinds we pull; To keep the shady parlour cool,

Aysun Demiir: Yet she will find a chink or two; To slip her golden fingers through.

Aysun Demiir: The dusty attic spider-clad; She, through the keyhole, maketh glad;

Aysun Demiir: And through the broken edge of tiles; Into the laddered hay-loft smiles.

Aysun Demiir: Meantime her golden face around; She bares to all the garden ground,

Aysun Demiir: And sheds a warm and glittering look; Among the ivy's inmost nook.

Aysun Demiir: Above the hills, along the blue; Round the bright air with footing true,

Aysun Demiir: To please the child, to paint the rose; The gardener of the world, she goes.

Aysun Demiir: ["Feminized" Summer Sun by Robert Louis Stevenson :3]

Aysun Demiir stops talking, a bit abrupt perhaps.

Eva Ianeira looks stunned for a moment, then shakes her head and claps her hands, "That was beautiful A'eyshn~"

Deirdre Taea claps.

Gerik Aston claps for you.

Aysun Demiir shrugs, "Mum taught me it."

Leanna Milose claps for you.

Eva Ianeira nods to you.

Gerik Aston tries to silently pronounce A'eyshn after hearing Eva say it.

Aysun Demiir smiles a little again.

Keisuna Hidae smiles at Aysun.

Leanna Milose: ...A'eyshn?

Aysun Demiir: Hm?

Leanna Milose raises an eyebrow. "Who's that?"

Aysun Demiir: Me.

Leanna Milose: Oh...

Gerik Aston gives up on pronouncing the unfamiliar name.

Eva Ianeira: Does anyone else have anything?

Yssen Van: Yes.

Yssen Van: I suppose I do.

Eva Ianeira glances across the fire at the unfamiliar elezen man. "Ah, all yours then, sir."

Yssen Van: Love, which has already been spoken of, is a wonderful thing. Don't get me wrong, I am in general a huge fan.

Blade Belisaire heard voices from the road, and came down a little closer to what he seems to think is some sort of cult meeting...

Blade Belisaire seems lost in thought.

Yssen Van: Like all things in the world, one should observe it with a bit of perspective to understand it.

Yssen Van: When I was young, a very grave man, surely graver now than when I knew him, gave me a piece of advice.

Blade Belisaire pauses, feeling somewhat awkward, yet curious.

Yssen Van: "If you live in a cave with no light, then all you know is darkness, and that is your entire world."

Yssen Van: There were once two people who lived in such a cave, a boy and a girl. From the moment they were born into that world they loved each other very much.

Blade Belisaire takes a seat, listening in, but not approaching.

Yssen Van: There was not a thing in the world that one would not do for the benefit of the other.

Yssen Van: Life is hard in the dark, and you have to do a great many thing just to get by.

Eva Ianeira nods to Yssen Van.

Yssen Van: The girl, gladly did these things, knowing it was helping the boy. The boy did them, because it helped the girl, but not so much gladly.

Blade Belisaire sighs as he listens in, feeling tired from his journey today, and quietly opens his sack to eat, keeping quiet as he listens in to the stories.

Yssen Van: Still, they lived in the dark. That was all they knew.

Yssen Van: Until light came, and then things changed.

Navei Asue scurries away like a crab, OOCly. (Snip snip snip.)

Yssen Van: The girl continued on as if nothing happend. The boy, well he saw a bigger world.

Kylin Mavanix stares into the bonfire as he listens quietly to Yssen.

Yssen Van: He chased after that world, despite the protests of the girl. She was glad to live in the dark.

Nel Celestine: (I'm sorry, i have to go)

Yssen Van: This lead to a bit of an altercation. The end result of which was that the both of them went their seperate paths. They had to, that is just the way of things.

Yssen Van: But not before doing some terrible things to one another.

Keisuna Hidae: (brb)

Yssen Van: Still, they love they bore each other didn't really diminish. It just changed.

Yssen Van: The semi morel of this story is this. If you let it, love will leave you blind.

Yssen Van: And that can be very dangerous.

Gerik Aston gazes upon Yssen Van in deep reflection.

Aysun Demiir raises an eyebrow.

Leanna Milose slowly falls asleep

Eva Ianeira gives a slow nod.

Keisuna Hidae glances to Leanna, frowning a little.

Blade Belisaire is so focused on the story that he shoves some food in his mouth that is clearly spoiled. He covers his mouth with a terrified look on his face, looking left and right panicked... not wanting to be rude, he swallows the food, and leans forward, rubbing massaging his temples.

Eva Ianeira: That's an interesting perspective.

Gospel Gestalt meditates quietly to himself, tapping his fingers calmly against the floor.

Yssen Van: I pride myself on finding intersting perspective.

Kylin Mavanix glances away from the stage, noticing Blade. He gently nudges Gerik with his elbow and nods in Blade's direction.

Eva Ianeira: One might also say that their love did diminish... She was unwilling to go with him. He was unwilling to stay. I- Well... When it's right, such obstacles just sort of naturally fall out of the way.

Aysun Demiir: Love doesn't diminish.

Eva Ianeira: At least, such has been my own experience in these sort of matters. But it was a lovely tale.

Gerik Aston follows Kylin's gaze to Blade. He waves to the midlander.

Eva Ianeira looks to Aysun.

Aysun Demiir: They had dependance, or.. obsession. Not love.

Blade Belisaire eventually looks up to see Gerik waving to him. His eyes go wide in confusion, as if he doesn't understand.

Aysun Demiir frowns and falls silent.

Keisuna Hidae watches the fire quietly.

Remilia Levana stands up and pats herself off.

Eva Ianeira gives a slight nod, biting her bottom lip gently. "Well, it was a nice story all the same. Did anyone have another?"

Remilia Levana: I shall be excusing myself here. Good evening.

Remilia Levana bows.

Keisuna Hidae nods to Remilia.

Kylin Mavanix frowns slightly at Remillia, giving a half-wave to the miqo'te.

Yssen Van: Mmmm. I disagree, but the point is. For all the wonderful things love can inspire us to do. It is just as important to remember it is equally capable of inspiring us to commit horrors. We must mind our inner compass.

Gospel Gestalt raises a hand and gives a brief farewell to remilia.

Deirdre Taea frowns deeply, and does not speak to the topic.

Gerik Aston beckons to Blade Belisaire.

Blade Belisaire watches the Miqo'te leave.

Ailith Vadoma approaches the stage quietly, folding her arms over her stomach. She stands patiently. "Pardon me,"

Blade Belisaire looks to Gerik reluctantly, and then stands up.

Keisuna Hidae looks to Ailith.

Eva Ianeira: Mmh?

Ailith Vadoma: Apologies for the interruption, but I couldn't help but over hear the story just told.

Blade Belisaire pauses just a few steps away from Ailith.

Ailith Vadoma smiles warmly. "It was rather moving."

Ailith Vadoma: May I join you all?

Keisuna Hidae: The floor is open tae all...

Eva Ianeira: Of course. This gathering is open to the public.

Ailith Vadoma bows.

Eva Ianeira: And if you've a story to tell, you're all the more welcome~

Ailith Vadoma: Thank you.

Blade Belisaire: Stories?

Ailith Vadoma: A story...

Blade Belisaire: That's why everyone is here?

Eva Ianeira motions to Blade, beckoning him to the stage also.

Keisuna Hidae looks to Blade, raising a brow.

Ailith Vadoma: I have a poem that I wrote, but I'm not much of a poet, so it probably wouldn't be very enjoyable.

Eva Ianeira: Mmmhmm~ There's been flyers about the city-states about this, but I suppose it's easy to miss such a thing.

Aysun Demiir: Oy, you're that drunk from the Concern.

You gaze upon Blade Belisaire in deep reflection.

Gerik Aston nods to Blade Belisaire.

Blade Belisaire: A-ah... yes, that'd be me...

Aysun Demiir smirks.

Yssen Van: Well that narrows down the possibilities of who he might be.~

Eva Ianeira glances at Blade, then turns to Aysun and blinks a few times before looking back.

Ailith Vadoma: Oh, I apologize. I haven't introduced myself yet.

Yssen Van snickers.

Ailith Vadoma: My name is Ailith Vadoma.

Keisuna Hidae: Well met.

Blade Belisaire whispers/grumbles loud enough that only Gerik could hear... 'Drunk from the Concern...' Turns and looks to Ailith.

Blade Belisaire waves to Ailith Vadoma.

Eva Ianeira looks to Ailith, giving her full attention.

Gerik Aston chuckles.

Deirdre Taea nods to Ailith Vadoma.

Ailith Vadoma taps her fore finger to her lower lip. "As I said, I wrote a poem, though I'm not much of a poet."

Deirdre Taea: None of us excel in such dealings either.

Deirdre Taea motions forward.

Blade Belisaire: I'm a pirate. I don't know what a poem is. I'll just take your word for it.

Blade Belisaire: I mean...

Ailith Vadoma laughs.

Blade Belisaire looks away.

Ailith Vadoma: It's alright. I shall relate it to you all, then.

Aysun Demiir raises an eyebrow

Keisuna Hidae glances to Blade, then briefly to Aysun, then back to Ailith.

Ailith Vadoma takes a seat and clears her throat.

Ailith Vadoma: O young prince, darkness you must face, With steady hands, a trembling mind

Ailith Vadoma: (I don't use the keyboard much, sorry )

Ailith Vadoma: Raise your sword, evil shall you erase, Within the light, salvation you will find.

Ailith Vadoma: Through thick and thin, your sight shall not falter, By the God's hands, your path shall be ploughed.

Ailith Vadoma: O young prince, do not lay upon the altar, for should you fall, evils reign be allowed.

Ailith Vadoma: O young prince, darkness you must face, Raise your sword, evil shall you erase.

Blade Belisaire: . . .

Ailith Vadoma: Darkness' taint, light beyond sight, Do not falter you must set the pace.

Ailith Vadoma sighs and takes a breath. "I told you I wasn't much of a poet."

Deirdre Taea claps for Ailith Vadoma.

Blade Belisaire claps for Ailith Vadoma.

Gerik Aston claps for Ailith Vadoma.

Yssen Van nods to Ailith Vadoma.

Keisuna Hidae nods appreciatively to Ailith.

Blade Belisaire: I found it... inspiring.

Ailith Vadoma looks to the Hyur. "Thank you... Forgive me, I didn't catch your name."

Blade Belisaire: I don't think most here know me yet... I'm Blade.

Eva Ianeira smiles warmly, leaning back a bit and just listening to the conversation.

Ailith Vadoma nods to Blade. "A pleasure to meet you, Blade."

Blade Belisaire replies, smiling. "The pleasure is mine." And looking around to the others... "To all of you, in fact."

Eva Ianeira nods to Blade Belisaire.

Gerik Aston nods to Blade Belisaire.

Aysun Demiir: Mm.

Eva Ianeira: Oh, did anyone have any other story, poem, or lyric they wished to share?

Deirdre Taea frowns and does not speak, adjusting the harp in her lap.

Blade Belisaire glances over to Aysun and his eyes widen and he looks away quickly.

Keisuna Hidae rubs the side of her neck, thinking. "Well..."

Aysun Demiir frowns.

Yssen Van folds his arms.

Keisuna Hidae: I suppose I know a story I was told when I was young. I cannae expect it'll be very interestin, though...

Eva Ianeira nods to Keisuna Hidae.

Eva Ianeira: I'm sure it will be fine dear. I mean I spoke about lemons...

Ailith Vadoma: Every story is interesting, should one choose to tell it.

Eva Ianeira grins at Keisuna.

Keisuna Hidae puts her knuckle to her lips thoughtfully. "Well, let me remember how it goes..."

Blade Belisaire opens up another snack to eat, making sure this time it isn't spoiled...

Ailith Vadoma listens intently with a smile.

Gerik Aston notices Blade's snack and leans over, looking at it intently.

Blade Belisaire looks to Gerik with his mouth full, and then offers him one.

Gerik Aston smiles happily and takes the food before eating it enthusiastically.

Keisuna Hidae: Once, among the rolling fields of fire and tribal war, there was a Knight Captain, a Roegadyn who was the strongest in all the lands around. She was as dreaded in battle as rot in a wound, and she would head their attacks, thrashing their defenses apart with her greatsword.

Gerik Aston pulls a piece of meat off the stick and motions for Kylin to open his mouth, intending to feed him.

Kylin Mavanix smiles faintly, shaking his head and gently rejecting the offer.

Eva Ianeira leans forward a bit, steepling her fingers and resting her chin upon them as she listens.

Gerik Aston shrugs and finishes the miqabob off.

You nod to Selene Artemis.

Selene Artemis slips in quietly and takes a set

Keisuna Hidae: She had won many battles before folly overcame her, and she was caught unguarded just at the wrong moment. A sword had buried itself into her back, and she fell to the ground among the casualties of the conflict.

Blade Belisaire looks up at Selene arriving, and smiles.

Gerik Aston waves to Selene Artemis.

Eva Ianeira turns to Selene, chin still rested atop steepled fingers, and gives a slight nod of her head in greeting.

Keisuna Hidae: It was as the life was leaving her, fleeing her body out of the wound in her back, that the ground appeared to absorb her as the world around her inverted, and she saw the land of the dead for the very first time.

Ailith Vadoma leans in, eyes slightly widened, entranced.

Keisuna Hidae: She wandered, agelessly under the darkened sky, seeking purpose and meaning, when she came upon a strange being.

Keisuna Hidae: A great sylph, bathed in light and held aloft by wings of glittering plume was before her. The wings chiming every time they caught the wind. The Knight Captain was entranced, and followed this creature as it drifted steadily away.

Keisuna Hidae: She followed, her steps getting heavier with every step as she struggled to keep up, but she couldn't, and the great Sylph disappeared into the distance.

Keisuna Hidae: The Knight Captain didn't give up, however, with every agonizing step she moved toward the horizon where she disappeared until she found her, caught among the briars of a great, blackened tree; a tree that had sprouted from the ground from the regrets of the dead and the living alike.

Keisuna Hidae: With what strength she had left, she climbed the tree, fighting the brambles and briars all the way up until she could free the great sylph from her bonds.

Blade Belisaire gazes upon Keisuna Hidae in deep reflection.

Keisuna Hidae: When they were safely out of the tree once more, the great sylph, grateful for the Knight Captain's deed, offered to pull out the sword that was still lodged into her back.

Keisuna Hidae: But when the Sylph pulled the sword free, she lost her strength, and began to fade.

Keisuna Hidae: The Knight Captain, horrified, took the Great Sylph into her arms and held her by the nape of the neck and the back of her waist.

Keisuna Hidae: She held her so closely, and so tightly, that they became one, combining the Knight Captain's strength and the Great Sylphs care to fly high up and into the moon, where they have looked down upon the just and the kind ever since...

Blade Belisaire smiles at Keisuna Hidae.

Eva Ianeira smiles softly.

Keisuna Hidae looks a little uneasy as she suddenly realizes everyone staring at her.

Deirdre Taea nods to Keisuna Hidae.

Ailith Vadoma breaks from her reverie, induced by the story. She blinks, then smiles. "Fascinating. Well told."

Eva Ianeira: I agree. That was lovely, Keisuna~

Gerik Aston claps for Keisuna Hidae.

Blade Belisaire claps for Keisuna Hidae.

Selene Artemis claps politely

Keisuna Hidae nods. "A-aye, thank yeh everyone..."

Yssen Van nods to Keisuna Hidae.

Eva Ianeira: Would anyone else like to share?

Selene Artemis looks around a bit

Deirdre Taea nips her bottom lip slightly.

Eva Ianeira: I could probably tell a small tale, if it would help keep things going a little bit longer... Though the fire is dying down a little, and if no one else feels like sharing, perhaps... Another night...?

Selene Artemis: I could tell one... after you perhaps?

Eva Ianeira furrows her brow, looking into the flames.

Aysun Demiir: It's not hard work to sit here and listen.

Aysun Demiir: Go on.

Deirdre Taea hesitates before putting her harp away in her bag carefully.

Eva Ianeira gives a slight nod, tapping her chin a few times with her index finger.

Keisuna Hidae: ((afk for a little while))

Eva Ianeira: Ah, I never know how much or little is known about the Duskwight culture. Particularly to outsiders, even. Until the second umbral moon of this year, I suppose I was one of those outsiders myself, even...

Eva Ianeira: I was born above. My father spent most of his life... above.

Eva Ianeira: I suppose it was my grandparents who first, ah, 'ascended' is the term they use. Though there is a certain connotation that goes along with that... almost negative. Not what one would thing. But, I digress...

Yssen Van stretches a bit and leans in closer to hear Eva Ianeira's words.

Eva Ianeira: (*think)

Eva Ianeira: I had the privilege of visiting my ancestral homeland not long ago, when my father passed away. I was going to relate one of his tales, but instead I think I would tell just a bit about him and the sort of man he was, and the story of my return "home."

Gerik Aston scooches over closer to Kylin.

Eva Ianeira: Most of you that know me have regarded me as 'Eva Ianeira', though there is some mistruth to that. And there is some shame underscoring the reasons for it. For at one time I was engaged to be wed to a spirited wildwood who went by the name Pemenicaux.

Selene Artemis cocks her head slightly, a curious look on her face

Eva Ianeira: Father was... well, he was kind of an old soul. He held close the old traditions, and to this sun I honor as many of them as I'm able. This marking... Something my people would get done when they are married.

Eva Ianeira traces her index finger along the tattoo over her left side of her face.

Eva Ianeira: In their customs, I was wed. So it seemed natural to take his name. Sadly, he went off to train for this war, a few years back, when it seemed like we might need to raise an army...

Blade Belisaire stares at Eva, looking very focused.

Eva Ianeira: There was an accident. And he never even saw battle. We never had our wedding. And I let go my father's name to take his, because I wanted so desperately at that time to hold onto some part of him.

Aysun Demiir blinks.

Eva Ianeira: Nearly five moons ago, my father died, and I realized that a part of the reason I had kept that name was also because of the shame associated with our family's name. In his final seasons he lived as something of a hermit. This is a man who had amassed fame, fortune, and... well, aristocracy and weath have a way of creating enemies.

Blade Belisaire looks away, somewhere distance with his eyes narrowed as Eva talks about names.

Leanna Milose slowly wakes up. She then sits up and looks around, blushing a little.

Eva Ianeira: He is a man who has had everything, and summarily had everything taken away from him. My own pains in this life often seem paltry by comparison. But the things he was accused of... The things they said, some 20 summers ago... about the Zelorius name. Those are untrue. That was one thing I never expressed my gratitude for... to Outer Heaven. Not properly, anyway...

Eva Ianeira looks down to Kylin, bowing her head slightly and pausing a moment before continuing.

Kylin Mavanix smiles faintly at Eva, listening quietly.

Eva Ianeira: Even in knowing there was proof absolving him of this, he wanted me to keep my peace. This is a man who carried some rather unusual beliefs. For one, a refusal to acknowledge the Twelve. While he never discouraged my own spiritual beliefs, he always preferred to give a sort of, ah, divinity to the sky itself, and he paid worship to it and all the stars and such in his own way.

Eva Ianeira: Anyway, from all that I have read of my lineage, he was nearly not born. And it was at a great deal of pressure from my mother that the decision was made for them to have a child. So I was nearly not born. Nymeia weaves her patterns in strange ways sometimes.

Blade Belisaire turns back, staring in the center of the circle at the fire, his expression shifting to something... sad.

Eva Ianeira: It is for this reason that I am somewhat hopeful... that my own children are born, in spite of... well, that which hovers just beyond the canopy there... looming... I have faith that it is a part of my legacy. My family's legacy. And henceforth, I will not be ashamed to call myself by what I am. Twenty years is a long time, and many have forgotten his supposed deeds...

Eva Ianeira: But just as many may well remember. But I am a Zelorius, and I will not be ashamed of that fact any longer.

Eva Ianeira presses a kiss to her palm, then extends her hand heavenward for a moment, before seating herself again.

Ailith Vadoma looks off to the distance, lost in her own thoughts.

Deirdre Taea bows her head.

Gerik Aston directs a smile at Eva.

Blade Belisaire slowly clenches his fist, lowering his head further slightly.

Eva Ianeira looks down, avoiding anyone's gaze, placing her hands delicately over her belly.

Kylin Mavanix smiles and nods approvingly to Eva.

Yssen Van gazes upon Eva Ianeira in deep reflection.

Selene Artemis bows her head slightly, nodding to nobody

Keisuna Hidae smiles softly to herself.

Eva Ianeira: I'm sorry... I kind of went a bit off the cuff there... I didn't mean to ramble on so much.

Eva Ianeira blushes faintly, finally looking back up.

Gerik Aston leans back over to Blade and hesitantly asks if he has any more Miqa'bobs.

Yssen Van shakes his head.

Blade Belisaire looks up at Gerik, and Gerik might glimpse a look of anger for but a moment before his expression lightens and he turns and opens up his pack, and pulls out another one for him. He doesn't say anything.

Ailith Vadoma: No need to apologize. I'm not as well aquainted with you as some others here seem to be, but your words were touching non-the-less. Makes me wish I knew my parens better.

Ailith Vadoma: (parents*)

Gerik Aston takes it giddily and begins eating it happily.

Yssen Van: Half the worth of a journey is the people you meet along the way...

Eva Ianeira gives a slight nod, opens her mouth as if to say something, then closes it abruptly and nods again before turning to Selene, "You had something too, yes? I hope it's a bit more upbeat~?"

Eva Ianeira: [to Ailith, the above nod]

Selene Artemis: Oh... ah, yes. Yes it is. Just a little... fairy tale I wrote a few cycles back.

Blade Belisaire quickly begins to pack up, as though he might leave immediately, but pauses as Selene talks.

Selene Artemis slowly stands up, and thinks for a moment. "Ah... alright"

Selene Artemis: There was one a prince in a kingdom that was covered in ice. It was a very peaceful kingdom, where nothing bad ever seemed to happen. There were never any wars, and nothing exciting ever happened. The king was a good king, and the people were happy.

Selene Artemis: The prince of the kingdom was very bored because there was never anything to do. He would sit and stare out the window all day watching the snow fall, dreaming of grand adventures.

Selene Artemis looks around at those in attendance as she speaks, trying to be somewhat animated, getting into the atmosphere

Blade Belisaire nods to Selene Artemis.

Selene Artemis: 1. One day the prince got tired of being bored. He went to the throne room and said to the king, âFather, I crave an adventure! I want to journey far to the south to the warm lands, and see what I might find!â The king understood that his son was in need of excitement, so he allowed the prince to go on this trip. The prince was very excited.

Selene Artemis: The very next day the prince shot out of bed as soon as the sun rose, ate breakfast, packed his bag, said goodbye to his parents and left the castle, setting off across the snowy plains in search of adventure. He always headed south, where he had heard it was very hot.

Selene Artemis: As the prince traveled, it did indeed start to get warmer. Soon there was no more snow, and the prince could take off his heavy winter coat. He found large, lush forests filled with trees that towered overhead, and many beautiful wild birds and animals. The prince had never seen so much green in once place, and marveled at the beauty of nature.

Selene Artemis: But one day, as the prince was wandering through the forest, he was suddenly attacked from behind by a vicious robber. The robber knocked him unconscious and took everything of value that the prince had, but decided to spare his life. However, the blow to his head caused the prince to forget who he was and where he was from.

Gerik Aston looks back at the Miqo'te he met previously, he offers a smile to her.

Reiry Nitrrah panics for asecond at being notcied then smiles back and quickly diverts her eyes.ed

Eva Ianeira withdraws another sun lemon from her satchel, quartering it with the same dagger, and eats it quietly, her eyes never leaving Selene.

Selene Artemis: When the prince woke up, he was lost and confused. All he could remember was that he was on a journey south, so he started walking. It started to get hotter and hotter, and the forests disappeared and became sprawling hot deserts covered in mountains of sand as far as the eye could see.

Selene Artemis: The bandit had stolen all of his traveling gear, and the prince became tired and very thirsty. The longer he walked in the unforgiving heat of the desert sun, the weaker he became. Eventually his body gave up and the prince collapsed in exhaustion.

Selene Artemis: As luck would have it, a portly rich man from a large city was passing by and he saw the prince out of the corner of his eye. The rich man was very kind and he gave the prince water and brought him along to a city that was surrounded by sand.

Selene Artemis: The prince was very weak after traveling so far without anything to eat or drink or anywhere to sleep, and he was in bad shape. The rich man instructed his servants to take good care of him until he was well rested. The prince began to recover, but he was unable to regain his memories.

Selene Artemis: The rich man was very kind. Because he wanted to help the prince, he offered to give him a job working at one of the stores he owned down in the city market. Since he had nothing, and no money to keep traveling, the prince accepted the job. The store the rich man owned was a butcher shop. The prince worked very hard, and the rich man grew to like him.

Selene Artemis: One day while he was working, a beautiful girl came to the butcher shop where the prince worked. He was in awe of her amazing beauty, but he did not speak to her. He simply gave her what she asked for. The girl came to the store often, and the prince always took care of her. He thought about her all the time, even at night when he wasn't working.

Selene Artemis: One day he asked the rich man who she was. The rich man laughed and told him, âShe is a princess, the daughter of the king of this city! You would have to be a very wealthy man just to get a chance to meet her, and a prince to marry someone like that!â The prince was very depressed, because he was not very rich and he did not remember that he was a prince, so he thought that he would never be able to meet the princess.

Selene Artemis: But the prince was determined to meet the princess. He decided that he would become a wealthy man no matter what. He returned to the butcher shop with this one goal in mind. One day when the prince wasnât working, he borrowed some of the rich manâs finest clothes and went to the royal gardens. As he was taking a walk, he saw the princess walking alone in the moonlight. He approached her, and introduced himself.

Selene Artemis: The prince and the princess talked for hours about all kinds of things, long into the night before the princess had to return to her home. The prince was completely smitten with her, and she appeared in his dreams many times. He went back to the gardens whenever he could, spending long nights just talking with the beautiful princess.

Eva Ianeira gazes upon Selene Artemis in deep reflection.

Blade Belisaire gazes upon Selene Artemis in deep reflection.

Selene Artemis: One night, the prince met the princess in the gardens. He told her that he was not really a wealthy man, and was in fact very poor and only dressing in the rich manâs clothes. The princess was angry that the prince lied to her, and she banned him from returning to the gardens.

Selene Artemis: The princess stopped coming to buy things from him at the butcher shop. The prince was angry with the princess, because he thought she was angry that he was poor. He tried to forget about her and focus completely on becoming wealthy by bringing the butcher shop prosperity, but it was not so simple. The prince grew very depressed, because he was in love with the princess.

Selene Artemis: Because it was so hot in the city surrounded by sand, the butcher shop had a hard time keeping the meat from spoiling. But the prince, who was from a frozen kingdom, knew a great deal about keeping things cold. With his knowledge, the store made a great deal of money, and the prince became quite wealthy as well.

Selene Artemis: One day, the king decided to throw a masquerade ball for all of the wealthy men of the city, and he invited nobles from all the nearby kingdoms. The rich man and the prince both received invitations. The prince immediately thought that this would be his chance to meet the princess again, and spite her now that he was indeed a man of wealth. Even the king from the land covered in snow would be coming to attend. So the prince dressed up in his best disguise and went to the ball, looking for the princess.

Selene Artemis: When he finally found her, he approached her and asked her to dance. The prince and princess danced together for the entire night, perfectly in sync. While they were dancing, the prince found that all of his desire to spite the princess was gone, and his feelings for her came back.

Selene Artemis: When the ball ended, they went out onto a balcony to gaze at the stars. The prince removed his mask, surprising the princess. He professed his love for her and told her that now he truly was a wealthy man and he could be with her.

elene Artemis: The princess told him that she was never angry at him for being poor, but because he had lied to her to impress her. But she forgave him, because she truly loved him in return. The prince and princess held her in the moonlight. All he knew was that he loved her and never wanted to be apart from her again.

Selene Artemis: The Prince and Princess returned to the ball and continued to dance. The King of the land covered in snow recognized his son dancing with the princess. The King, who had thought the prince was dead, jumped to his feet. âMy son!â he said, âI thought that I would never see you again!â

Selene Artemis: Confronted with his father, all of the princeâs memories came flooding back. The two of them embraced in joy after this unexpected reunion. The prince explained his problem to his father, about how he and the princess were in love, but only the king could decide who he should marry.

Selene Artemis: The princeâs father approached the king of the sand city, and the two made a deal that the prince and princess would marry, uniting their two kingdoms forever. The prince and princess were overjoyed, and returned to the kingdom covered in snow the very next day. They were married in a blizzard, where they reigned happily ever after.

Eva Ianeira claps for Selene Artemis.

Selene Artemis looks out of breath, and a little exhausted

Ailith Vadoma claps for Selene Artemis.

Blade Belisaire claps for Selene Artemis.

Selene Artemis sits down slowly

Gerik Aston claps for Selene Artemis.

Aysun Demiir smiles slightly at Selene.

Eva Ianeira: That was wonderful! Stories need more happy endings~

Eva Ianeira nods to Selene Artemis.

Aysun Demiir: A happy end.

Blade Belisaire waits a couple moments before standing up, somewhat quickly, tossing his bag over his shoulder. "Well, I appreciate allowing me to listen in on the stories, and I regret this but, I must go. Maelstrom business, and whatnot. I hope to see you all again." Blade glances momentarily to Selene and then gives a short wave to the group. He then quickly begins to depart.

Ailith Vadoma: Well, I must leave you all. Thank you for letting me sit and listen to all your wounderful tales.

Leanna Milose gives Blade a slight wave as he leaves.

Kylin Mavanix bids farewell to Blade.

Deirdre Taea nods to Ailith Vadoma.

Gerik Aston bids farewell to Blade Belisaire.

Aysun Demiir eyes the "pirate" as he makes his quick exit.

Eva Ianeira: Ah, it was nice to meet you, Mister, ah Blade, was it?

Blade Belisaire nods to Eva Ianeira.

Blade Belisaire: You got it.

Leanna Milose: Goodbye, Blade!

Ailith Vadoma waves to Blade Belisaire.

Blade Belisaire: Take care.

Reiry Nitrrah bids farewell to Blade Belisaire.

Ailith Vadoma bows.

Aysun Demiir stands, and stretches somewhat, "I think I'll go now as well.."

Selene Artemis: Goodbye...

Ailith Vadoma: Thank you again, I hope to meet you all again in the future. Farewell.

Selene Artemis nods to Ailith Vadoma.

Eva Ianeira bids farewell to Ailith Vadoma.

Reiry Nitrrah helps herself to Blade's spot.

You bid farewell.

Gerik Aston nods to Reiry. "How've you been?"

Selene Artemis waves to you.

Eva Ianeira: Does anyone else wish to share anything? The fire is nearly died out, but... I could put another log or two atop it...

Gerik Aston bids farewell to you.

Eva Ianeira bids farewell to you.

You nod to Ailith Vadoma.


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Thank you for recording the log Aysun. And thank you to everyone who came out last night - we had a really great turn-out!! And a special thank you in particular to those who volunteered to share a story or poem! Events such as this rely pretty heavily on others' sharing stories and I near-panicked at the start when I realized pretty much everyone came to listen and none to share. In the end I'm grateful for those folks that came up with something, even if it was kind of on the fly or improvised. They were all wonderful and thank you for keeping the event going!


I think the next time I set one of these up - post-ARR - we'll change things up a bit and make it such that each storyteller chooses the next one to go, so that everyone in attendance should be expected to have at least one story or poem of their own on standby in case they're called upon. If may decrease overall attendance, if there are people who adamantly don't want to share anything, but I think overall it would be a good thing for RP.


All in all though, it was great to see the RP community come together across a variety of linkshells and I hope to keep these going post-ARR. I'm sure those staying behind for the 5 years will have some interesting stories to tell, in particular. ;)



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