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Yo. So I got a tablet recently and I can't draw for shit. However, I strive to one day make a professional career out of art, so I thought it's never too late to be passionate about what you love.


Bear with me, because I'm new and I have free artistic expression to shit all over my friends, so I'm going to draw personally for my own enjoyment and see if I can one day improve and take it seriously. I will update this frequently, enjoy.


Perhaps I'll even expand to tumblr and DA, shit like that. Right now, I'll expose my picassos for the RPC to enjoy. OC Donut Steel, Pls credit:




Art for Fun:




















Serious Art:






All references are taken from real life, google images, FFXIV, and the hate I have for my dumbass friends. Feel free to comment and the like, I don't mind. I'll update this post frequently.

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