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FallenFedora's Characters

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Basic Info:

[*]Characters: Stroud Forscythe, Char Lohengrin

[*]Main: Stroud Forscythe

[*]Servers: Balmung

[*]Main: *See Above*


RP Style:

[*]Experience: WoW, Forum-Based, WC3, ToR, Gaia (ugh); I can fit into any sort of plot and setting, but really enjoy darker stories filled with deception, intrigue, and tragedy.


[*]Amount: Heavier than Metal


[*]Views on IC Romance: I enjoy a good romance sub-plot, and everything that goes with it. 8-)

[*]Views on IC Families: I'm not the biggest fan of playing relatives, or adopted members of actual player families.


[*]Views on Lore: A good foundation and general knowledge are a must, but feel free to bend it.

[*]Views on Chat Functions: Be distinct with OOC and IC tells. I prefer the (( x )) method.



[*]Country: 'Murica


[*]Timezone: Central


[*]Contact Info: Send all fan-mail through my messages.

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