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Zar'ine Moks

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[align=center]WIP currently[/align]



Who we are:

Homra is a collection of three separate Free Companies who all serve under the same tag. Only two of our companies are open to recruitment so this will only focus on those two. 



Our goal is to make a home for all players. We welcome all play styles and encourage them all for most of us play all parts of this game. From PVP to PVE, Raiding to RP. We enjoy all parts of this game and only aim to make a home where any type of player can find a Free Company they love and enjoy, make friends, do events, find people like minded.




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We are still here o7 Finally picked a name for our third branch, Omega branch has now named their company Crimson Flames. Been doing steady diedem nights weekly, we now have two airships with hard mode unlocked. Been working on creating a new rp event at one of the branches houses (will be coming soon, look forward to it. Still working out the bugs) and ya o/ No blood! No bone! No ash!

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