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Regarding character transfers

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I've been debating this for a few days, because I don't know if I'm the last to be aware or not. Right up until I figured that there were other people who are new like me.


Did you know that you can transfer multiple characters at one time for the same $18 payment?


I learned this transferring my latest batch of characters. As long as they're all on the same server {and just to note, I only transferred 3} instead of charging $54 Mog Station only charged $18.

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Yes this is something I've covered when people ask about them and also in the thread I made about Getting into Balmung.


3. Server transfer from any other free world into Balmung. Cost $18.

Restrictions: Must be done through the mogstation. Character must be over 3 days old and completed the quests enough that you can speak to other players (not just NPCs). Gil limits! Player cannot own a plot or be in an FC. Can transfer more than 1 character on the account using the same $18 charge when they're all on the same world and going to the same world as each other.

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