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Greetings. I've already made two topics showing a little art and asking for connections for my character (and some awesome people have answered questions and said hello), but I thought I'd give an official "hallo" here! I'm sort of one of those individuals who likes to get as many ducks in a row as I can before diving in too... which is probably also the reason it took me forever to reach out to this awesome place. I did manage to get Lain's Wiki and a tumblr up, thanks to the suggestions from some great people already who recommended it.


Phew. Alright. Here's some bits about me.


I've RPed a lot in the past! Started off in forum RP, then progressed into a few chat-based clients, pen and paper campaigns (which has now turned into Skype campaigns due to moves,) and MMOs. Although admittedly, the only MMO I RPed on much was WoW although throughout trying out games such as Aion, GW2, etc... I made a point to try to place myself on the RP servers. Just something relaxing and fun about seeing people RP, even if you're not always apart of it.


I myself purchased Final Fantasy XIV as it came out, but only was able to play for a month or so. I came back around... February I believe? Meh, date isn't important. I dived into PvE content and swore I'd reach out to public RP or community RP once I had a picture or enough information to make a real investment in my character. Luckily, I had a few friends that helped me figure Lain out and RPed with me a little even though they weren't major RPers. However, my procrastination is OVER. Which is good, because I've been missing some great RP.


You can poke at the Wiki I almost died putting together to get some information on C'laihn if you want! He's affectionately earned me OOC nicknames such as Derpgoon and Swagoon (title activates with sunglasses only) from my FCers for our PvE adventures.


Anywho, I knew about this place for awhile and lurked a bit like a creeper. I'm pretty sure I just googled "FFXIV" and it popped up somewhere. I have never made a character Wiki before, but I'm familiar with forums so I'm looking forward to a bit of new and old by joining in the fun.


Uh... the tutorial guide told me to say something else about myself. I have a fluffy dog by my feet at the moment and the stupid tree outside keeps crapping leaves all over my car. -shakes fist-

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