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Pearl diving Au Ra seeks rp

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Alrighty, I've got a Xaela, Alunshar Domitius, who is looking to start her own pearl/oyster diving business. She's been hanging around in Eorzea for a bit but she's definitely new to Limsa and could use a mook or two to shuck oysters, look after her on the sea, and sell her wares. Potential business associates would be gladly appreciated as well as craftsmen looking to experiment with pearl inlay to fancy up music and jewelry boxes.


Now, I'm not making it a secret that Alunshar also happens to be a Garlean defector. It's not going to be something she openly talks about but I'm hoping to have connections with fellows in the same vein--defectors, runaways, sympathizers etc. I'm also open to having rp connections with Garlean spies whether they're hostile or not.


Lastly, Alunshar came from the Ejinn tribe but was separated from them as a child (Garlean kidnappers essentially). I'm not sure how many people here rp the Ejinn but I'm open to familial or tribeskin relations. In general though, fellow Xaela to rp with would be nice and Alunshar wouldn't be adverse to chat up a Raen.



- Oyster shucking mooks

- Business partners

- Garlean pals

- Au Ra buddies


I'm located in the EST timezone. Feel free to send me PMs or ask questions here!

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