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I bid you greetings!


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Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you may be at this time. My name is Al, and I just recently migrated to both FF and to Balmung with my character in order to enjoy all of the wonderful rp I keep hearing about ^^


A little about me... I tend to be a medium to heavy rper, and I like to remain IC at all times if I can help it. Some of you may or may not have witnessed me leveling about Limsa Lominsa at this point, thanking those who help me in the Fates that pop up.

I've only transferred one character so far to check things out. Her name is Alice Corwell, a Midlander Marauder. If you see me running around and give a wave, if I'm not afk I'll endeavor to greet back!

With time I have a male Miqo'te Keeper and an Elezen female {I can't remember her sub-species... She's been in stasis since the beginning ><} I'll be bringing over, but for now I really want to focus on just one character.


What I really hope for is, of course, to immerse myself in a rich rp atmosphere and play out a story full of fun and adventure, and to find an FC that I can lend strength and a bit of cheerfulness to. But all good things come in time, right?


I'm very happy to meet all of you! Here's to a wonderful story.

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung! :D Harbingers of Dawn is a good-aligned, med-heavy RP FC dedicated to protecting and aiding the citizens of Eorzea. You're welcome to check us out! You can learn more about us here and apply on our website if you're interested. Also, I'd be glad to chat or role-play anytime!

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