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School of the quiet mind opening [Balmung]

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Greetings fellow adventurers, thanks to finally being able to dedicate some time to my school I am pleased to announce its opening! please take a look!!


[align=center]I humbly invite you to the grand opening of the Marzzoni[/align]

[align=center]School of the quiet mind.[/align]



[align=center]Greetings Friends[/align]

I invite you to come take part in my new school, I plan to take you, the potential student on a journey of self discovery and help further develop the mental skills required to still ones mind, help build focus and take the journey to explore our own inner workings! The first steps shall be taken with the help of several meditation techniques passed onto me by my master.


(( the meditation classes shall use the school of  Theravada Buddhism as its core belief system, slightly adopted to fit within the lore of Eorzea, Tio considers himself a master in this subject matter as he has studied it most of his life and takes his knowledge from my ooc self who had practised meditation for many years, even studying under a temple master, class will be every Saturday, starting from the 14th of November at 8pm psd in the garden at Plot 15, 3 Ward, The Goblet ))


Feel free to check out my FC webpage for further info www.ca-rp.enjin.com

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