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Looking for out of the ordinary.

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My character Fiona Cooper is bored.  She can use some super awesome things to do that aren't sitting around a bar.


She can shoot a gun.  She is a doctor.   She's a huge nerd.


She can be your therapist.  She can sell you drugs.


She wears many hats, so I'm sure she can fit into anything.  ... She IS tiny, so that includes suitcases for kidnappings.


She'd love to nerd out with some scientists and make weird things.


Seriously, I'm up for anything.

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Looking to get involved in some plotlines- have had a bit of lull of new and interesting things in Fiona's life, so if someone thinks they can use a doctor character around for anything- let me know!  Interested in expanding my horizons and who I RP with.

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My character Selarian is also a huge nerd and would fit that itch of hers. If you want to look me up I am sure that we could get into some nerdy trouble together. He has just started going out on expeditions for archaeological reasons too, so that would be a fun hook if she wanted to go look at ancient ruins.

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