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The Salts of Rhotano


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[align=center]THE SALTS OF RHOTANO


(also known as “The Salts" or “SR”- formerly ‘Sanctus Refero') [/align]




Our goal is to connect Social Players, End-Gamers and Role-Players all together. We intend to make this possible through many different channels; including some creative methods we hope you will enjoy. Below are introductions to each sect of SR and how you can find a place no matter what type of gamer you are or would like to be.





Free Company Name: “The Salts of Rhotano”

Founded by: Sterne Evans

Officers: To be elected



THE SALTS OF RHOTANO is an open home filled with opportunity and a new beginning, standing and waiting in a server where new beginnings are hard to come by.


Our leaders are cover the EST & PST time zones. However we are open and available to all time zoned players.


Daily Actions and the Company Coffer are maintained and available to leaders and ranking officers. All decisions will be handled by a voting system among the officers of the company. Our early officers will first be selected by Sterne and Asterna. As time goes on, and member count grows to 30+, nominations will be accepted and votes will be cast to elect new officers every three months.


Our mission is to bring players together to reach the best of End-Game and RP on Balmung.


Join us and let us live by the wind and the sea.



Role Play


Linkshell Name: “The Salts”

Headed by: Asterna Chihana



The Salts Inc. was a roleplay group formerly based around a Tavern on the surf battered coast of the Rhotano sea in southern La Noscea. Members assumed the role of a number of jobs within the tavern or simply as a regular who stops by every evening for their “medicine”. The atmosphere was that of a lively place where sailors, soldiers, merchants and makers can come together over a pint of whatever watered down swill the boss was is serving that day, until he abandoned his post in a sudden torrent and fell off the grid.


However, rumor has it the founder of the Salts of Rhotano has returned to Limsa Lominsa, and with him someone who may have connections to where it all began. . . long before the Calamity.


Plans for The Salts include story arcs and events. I am interested in incorporating our members story lines into The Salts main story; discussions will have a venue on our website.





Linkshell Name: S.A.L.T.

Headed by: Sterne Evans



A fresh raid group that offers maturity, stability and open communication. We are of the same mind of pioneers who do not blindly do what's been done or what we've been told. We find our own way and are willing to experiment, learn and adjust to our own personal strengths and weaknesses. Interested?


What we offer and expect:

•Maturity and Mutual Respect

•Positive Attitudes

•Effective Communication

•An open ear to strategies, suggestions, and feedback from all members

•Access to Discoid and Out of Game communications

•Reliability and Stability







Recruitment and Membership:



Recruitment for the FC is open to all and, as with its predecessor, no player shall be barred from SR if interest is shown. However, given this open recruiting and the lax attitude towards conversation, a two warning system will be in place. Bashing, Shaming, Bigotry, Intolerance, Overly Violent Comments and General Asshatery is considered unacceptable behavior.


Recruitment for the Raid Group is currently Open. Please visit our website to apply.

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