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Athenaeum of Dreams <Dream>


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[ath-uh-nee-uh m, -ney-]


1. an institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning.

2. a library or reading room.

3. a sanctuary frequented by poets and scholars.


( the following information is public knowledge, and can be taken IC - it is inferred that all across Eorzea, especially in Limsa that the Atheneaum is advertised on most notice boards in U'ldah's Quicksand. The company is NOT 'hiring' new members currently and is functioning as a RP hub spot people can go to at their leisure. Please review our carrd for background information and visitation guidelines. )


Athenaeum ;; You want weapons? We're a library! Books! The best weapons in Eorzea. The 'Brim Heart Athenaeum', is located at Goblet Ward 5 Plot 14, and is the bread and butter of the establishment. Here and readily available for public access is a venue of rare study material and literature ranging from classic cookbooks, fictional masterpieces, and ancient scripts.


Simply find your selected item, and leave a note of information with the boistrous 'Roe' at the front desk. Return when finished. The library accepts donations regularly, and don't be shocked if you find several good works strewn about. Space is limited, but you can never have too many.


N. Lanbatal ;; There something strange in the neighborhood? Who you going to call? This local scholar and investigator of the occult and paranormal. With years of experience in the field, she has dedicated her knowledge to the understanding of the metaphysical, and the exorcising of dark and malicious forces across Eorzea.


Ms. Lanbatal and her companions have tackled amazing feats in years past, from of breaking curses, repelling malicious spirits, speaking with lost souls, and investigating bizarre manifestations. The services of Ms. Lanbatal are sanctioned by the Immortal Flames, and open to the public, and anyone seeking her skill set should contact her via moogle-mail, to commission her work.



Out of Character

This might make you laugh, but we have a code name for our little rag tag group: ‘Curse Busters’! Cute I know, but it sums it up pretty effectively. Our job is to investigate strange cases of the metaphysical, stopping dark forces from stretching their fingers across Eorzea.


We accomplish this by carrying out the arcs of other players in the game, whoe present their 'cases' for us to investigate. This helps give their personal stories weight and attention.


So you have a special 'case'?

Are you interested in making a connection with us? If so head on over to our carrd for the latest in details..


So you wanna be one of us?

Maybe you're looking to join up? Awesome! Sadly, we are not a recruiting FC, and function more as a stand-alone RP circle and so all it takes to be involved is a simple message, and we'll just throw you into whatever is happening.

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It's come to my attention, that there might be a lot of concern or questions for those interested in this. As most of our members are online during peak hours (NA), the best place to communicate with us at all hours of the night is via discord.




Follow the think above and you'll be granted access to our discord channel. There you can chat with the members, ask about our Roleplay, and get details on how to get involved. I'll be on it all the time, so if you need to speak with me specifically about getting involved - then this is the best way to reach me! 


Hope to talk to you guys soon!

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In order to prevent confusion, is sort of a public RP community, and is in fact NOT a recruiting company. Just wanted to make sure anyone interested knew what they were applying or getting involved in.

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Company has recently acquired a new estate, added details in the IC flyer information, as well as a small blurb about the place below. We welcome anyone who comes into our humble abode looking for our services:



Goblet Ward 5, Plot 14


'Bimr Heart Athenaeum' - A public center for research and literature publication. The Library functions as a resource for other companies to acquire rare and notable works of study ranging from science, folklore, historical reference, and magical theory. It is also a front for the investigative services of Noa Lanbatal.

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Changed detailed information on the main page and updated the 'Rank & Jobs' page. These tweaks are to help answer a lot of questions.

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