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  1. Update: Changed detailed information on the main page and updated the 'Rank & Jobs' page. These tweaks are to help answer a lot of questions we've gotten when applying, as well as give a bit more detail and information about the establishment in respect to the community. We still have open slots for characters, and are really looking for Medical Personel, and Research/Scholar arch-types ONLY. Interested!? PLEASE Apply at http://dreamathenaeum.com/home | then reach out to Noa Lanbatal, or Aerisette Dellamorte in-game!
  2. Oh gosh, I'm addicted to long-term RP, I really prefer to make lasting connections. Look for 'Noa Lanbatal' if you are interested, and help you find some people who crave long term RP connections. Funny, I actually know another Bajihiri as well, might make that interesting! Hope to see you in-game!
  3. Yeah, I had to transfer also. I was fed up with trying to create, so I was like "NOPE" take my money! Best investment I ever made though!! Really truly is!
  4. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that's oppressive allow me to tone it down... OMGSOGLADYOUCAMEOVERTOTHEBESTRPPLACEOFALLTIME!!! Weeeelllcome! In all seriousness glad you can make it over the Balmung, there's pretty much active RP where you venture off to, but if you're looking for some connections feel free to hit me up in-game. I'd be more than happy to connect with a fellow writer and steer you to some notable places and communities to check in on. LOTS of good RP hotspots with almost something going on everyday. So if you're looking for a heavy RP scene, then look no further! We've got you covered!
  5. Update: Bump! Activity check update, to showcase that our company is still actively involved with the RPC, and recruiting. We have 5 open slots for characters, and are really looking for 1 Medical Personal, and 3~4 Research/Scholar arch-types. Trying to build up Lore buffers, and characters that complement our Library/Study/Research/Magic setup. Interested!? PLEASE Apply at http://dreamathenaeum.com/home | Or Reach out to Noa Lanbatal, or Aerisette Dellamorte in-game!
  6. Update: Company has recently acquired it's own estate, added details in the IC flyer information, as well as a small blurb about the place below. We welcome anyone who comes into our humble abode looking for our services: [Balmung] Mist Ward 1, Plot 24 'East Mist Athenaeum' - A public center for research and literature publication. The Library functions as a resource for other companies to acquire rare and notable works of study ranging from science, folklore, historical reference, and magical theory. It is also a front for the investigative services of Noa Lanbatal.
  7. \o/ Me! Me! ME! Pick ME! PLEASE Pick me!!! Errm...sorry! Add Noa Lanbatal in game, I'd LOVE to meet with you and see what sort of character you have, possibly create some connections and even get you involved heavily with some epic RP!
  8. UPDATE: Edited, felt like the wording gave off the wrong impression.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm looking for establishments like Bars, Inns, Resorts, Libraries - that sort of thing, that I could commission for small RP events now and then in order to give me and my close RPers a little haven to RP with and meet new people. This would also open up several new connections and such that would hopefully spark some fun RP with the owners. I'd also like to keep it into the areas, because we are still tied to Limsa for the moment and might not be available to be icly in the other wards. I've checked the housing thread but wasn't sure what places were active and such so if everyone could post their establishment here so I know what my options are, that would be breath of fresh and help me find all the cool RP hangouts! Include: Pictures of the area, anything that showcases it. Name of Establishment The owner/company that runs it Location of the establishment Type of establishment (tavern, bar, hotel, spa, hotspring etc.)
  10. Update: In order to prevent confusion, is NOT a public Linkshell, and is in fact a recruiting company. Just wanted to make sure anyone interested knew what they were applying or getting involved in.
  11. While I can't provide a romantic interest (on the account of being female, and taken) - I can certainly open you up to some progressive RP and possibly help give you some connections to go off! Reach out to [Noa Lanbatal] in game, or anyone from and we'll certainly help create some friends and connections that could lead you to what you seek!
  12. is always open to roleplayers, especially package deals. But FC aside, should you simply need more RP connections outside of a specific FC please reach out to [Noa Lanbatal] in-game and I'll be sure to start something with you. I'm always look for new RPers to make connections with, and anyone else you see from feel free to approach them, we're in-character 90% of our time online, pushing stories and arcs. We'd be happy to help you get involved!
  13. Hey! I too once played around on SWTOR, and a good friend and FC mate too even. So we certainly know what it's like coming over from there! If you're looking for a good group of RPers to connect with! Seek out myself [Noa Lanbatal] of any member of my FC We spend 90% of game-time in-character, pushing stories and arcs consistently. I'd like to make some connections with you, so if you're on today reach out to me!
  14. Hey! Noa Lanbatal here! I'm the current leader of Athenaeum of Dreams (details in signature) and while our numbers haven't skyrocketed to the the high 30-40 like most of the active RP-FC's in the server, I assure you I can openly offer a great deal of active RP. I am one of the leaders of an RP Linkshell consisting of 35 active RPers (no alts) who decided to seek out activity in other FC's, rather than joining up into one. We all wanted to expand our circles and storylines - instead of grouping together. This pearl is growing, as we include more people we know and trust in the RP world. I have this list of RPers, and well as a list of small circles of friends who support me in my efforts for my own FC. This all combined I wanted to involve myself with the community and help it grow and prosper. Please take a look at the links in my signature for any further details, and know I'm IC 90% of the day and always open to make new connections and keep the RP strong! So don't hesitate to reach out to me in-game. I look forward to supporting this server and the community with what I can offer.
  15. Update: It's come to my attention, that there might be a lot of concern or questions for those interested in joining. As most of our members are online during peak hours (NA), the best place to communicate with us at all hours of the night is via discord. https://discord.gg/0at5sDDE1npGHFnU Follow the think above and you'll be granted access to our discord channel. There you can chat with the members, ask about our Roleplay, and get details on how to get involved. I'll be on it all the time, so if you need to speak with me specifically about getting involved - then this is the best way to reach me! Hope to talk to you guys soon!
  16. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Heavy RP | Casual PvE | What is PvP?[/align] [ath-uh-nee-uh m, -ney-] noun 1. an institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning. 2. a library or reading room. 3. a sanctuary frequented by poets and scholars. ( the following information is public knowledge, and can be taken IC - it is inferred that all across Eorzea, especially in Limsa that the Atheneaum is advertised on most notice boards in the Wench and other major taverns. The company is also 'hiring' new members, and should be expected that 'help wanted' posters would be around as well. This if meant for background supporting information for visits. ) [align=center]http://i68.tinypic.com/6plp9s.png[/img] http://i67.tinypic.com/2ike79e.png[/img] http://i67.tinypic.com/b3u89w.png[/img] Athenaeum ;; You want weapons? We're a library! Books! The best weapons in Eorzea. The 'East Mist Athenaeum', is located at Mist Ward 1 Plot 24, and is the bread and butter of the establishment. Here and readily available for public access is a venue of rare study material and literature ranging from classic cookbooks, fictional materpieces, and ancient scripts.[/align] The company prides itself on their library, and welcome anyone who wishes to use it to their home. Simply find your selected item, and leave a note of information with the brooding 'Roe' at the front desk. Return when finished. The library accepts donations regularly, and don't be shocked if you find several good works strewn about. Space if limited, but you can never have too many. [align=justify] Doman Cafe ;; Here the best part of waking up, is a little bit of Doma in your cup. In the trial stages currently, the downstairs study room was remodeled to replace a Doman cafe that once was setup in Plot 16. Someone once said "Coffee and books? That'll never work...", but we showed them. The coffee bar is also a public feature, serving ONLY the fines of doman teas and beverages, with only lightly fermented sake.[/align] We do not offer hard liquor or other intense alcoholic beverages at the estate, we are a service of study not a tavern, but please feel free to enjoy a doman style setup when you're tossing the pages of a good read. We ask that you pay respect to the Doman culture it represents, and keep chairs and shoes off the tatami mat. [align=justify] N. Lanbatal ;; There something strange in the neighborhood? Who you going to call? This local scholar and investigator of the occult and paranormal. With years of experience in the field, she has dedicated her knowledge to the understanding of the metaphysical, and the exorcising of dark and malicious forces across Eorzea. [/align] Ms. Lanbatal and her company have tackled amazing feats in the form of breaking curses, repelling malicious spirits, speaking with lost souls, investigating bizarre manifestations, and much more. The services of Ms. Lanbatal are open to the public, and anyone seeking her skill set should contact her via moogle-mail, to commission her work. [align=justify] [/align] Out of Character In most RPC's, you'll find about 40 bars, 30 Merc groups, 1-2 Evil groups, and small random deviations from the latter. My first thought, was to create a 'go to place' for the RPC. Where members from other communities could commission to handle their personal story arcs, but still avoid the common public concepts. I didn't want it to be a bar... I didn't want it to be a merc group... So...that left me thinking that what if I made a Library? Not just any Library, an Athenaeum, or in this case ‘glorified library’. would function as a public 'agency' for Paranormal investigation. This might make you laugh, but we had a code name for it's development: ‘Curse Busters’! Cute I know, but it sums it up pretty effectively. Our job is to investigate strange cases of the metaphysical, stopping dark forces from stretching their fingers across Eorzea. We accomplish this by carrying out the arcs of other players in the game, where characters from across the world flock to our group and present their 'cases' for us to investigate. This helps give their personal stories weight and attention. So you have a special 'case'? Are you interested in making a connection with us? If so head on over to our website for the latest in details, then contact me in-game. So you wanna be one of us? Maybe you're looking to join up? Awesome! Check out the other tabs and then submit an application on our website. We'll setup a time to interview you!
  17. ​(this discreetly placed advertisement can often be found in the corners of the major city-states. It is neatly printed, slightly torn, loosely flipping the light breezes, or nearly falling to them.) There something strange in the neighborhood? Who you going to call? Noa Lanbatal, is a local scholar and investigator of the occult and paranormal. With years of experience in the field, she has dedicated her knowledge to the understanding of the metaphysical, and the exorcising of dark and malicious forces across Eorzea. [align=justify]Ms. Lanbatal and her company have tackled amazing feats in the form of breaking curses, repelling malicious spirits, speaking with lost souls, investigating bizarre manifestations, and much more. The services of Ms. Lanbatal are open to the public, and anyone seeking her skill set should contact her via moogle-mail, to commission her work. You can also visit the office of Ms. Lanbatal at the 'East Mist Athenaeum', Ward 1 Plot 24. Simply check in with the receptionist and then make your way to Room 1. If you contact Ms. Lanbatal via letter, please provided contact methods. Including your name, and a location with the coordinates where you would like to meet for your free consultation, and payment negotiation.[/align] [align=justify] [/align] Out of Character Looking for someone to help further your characters story? One of my many hobbies in FFXIV RP is watching the progression of other characters, and unlocking the mysteries surrounding them. Instead of creating my own arcs and consistently pushing my character's personal story, I've created a service and company that is focused around carrying the major plot arcs associated with 'other' characters. What I'm sortof going for is a whole 'Sherlock Holmes' meet 'Final Fantasy' sort of RP. Trying to focus on resolving weird cases, and mysteries that normally don't get attention from local authorities or the military. I'm always willing to RP with new people, especially outside of my general social circle. So Reach out to me in-game for questions or concerns, Hope to hear from you soon, I'd love to get to meet some of amazing characters of Balmung really soon! <3
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