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Back after a long hiatus

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Crikey, it's been a while since I've posted here.


Averill's come a long way from that profile picture, but circumstances dictated that I leave FFXIV for a spell whilst I sorted stuff out. Now I'm back, and with Averill's primary character development done I'm looking for people to help him find his next milestone in life - hopefully through helping others out!


I'm based in the EU, and I'm normally available after 19:00GMT, or earlier depending on my shifts. If you're looking for new connections and would like to set something up, please don't hesitate to say hi here or in game!


Look forward to meeting you!



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Greetings, my friend.  I'm pleased to have found you on here.  You left quite a good impression on me, just recently, when we grouped on the random group dungeon.  I was unable to communicate as much as I'd like--with no keyboard on my ps4.  I thought it was a rather tragic ending..."I'll look for you, but if I can't find you--you'll do well".  


Well, I looked for you and here I found you!  Huzzah!


I'm new to the game and I would welcome more adventures with you.

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