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Hyur, new but with experience! (Connections etc.)

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So, I've been apart of Balmung for quite some time and I knew that it was the place to be for roleplaying but I had never managed to get round to doing it and getting involved which is a massive shame. I've been roleplaying for ten years or so from other MMOs to forums and now to here.


Usually I'm one that can be quite fussy deciding on how my character should be personality wise, appearance, the lot but with this character I've been quite happy what I've had laid out for him with his background etc. However as I mentioned I haven't really found a place to be just as of yet, I've made the attempt to go the hubbed areas where its quite busy but sadly it seemed that some people had kept to their own accord with that they did.


Then I learned about this place so I signed up and I thought I'd give it a go, so if any suggestions, tips and whatever else comes along I'll be more than happy to take.

So thank you for your time reading this and even more thanks if you happen to reply!

But here is some info about Garrett if it helps out even more!



[align=left]Garrett is a very prideful person in what he does and tries to remain independent in his work due to what he has been through in his past experiences and the dirty work that he has head to deal with. He also has a different sense of justice compared to what some others might see, for example: If there is the option to do the wrong thing, even though it is the right thing to do where others might not kinda thing if that makes sense?


He also isn't used to being helped out by other people, he sees it as a rather strange action as if to wonder "What do they owe me for this?" or even in a defeated sense such as "Why wouldn't I do that myself." Even though he would be grateful he doesn't always show his emotions the best.


Garret is also a cold-cut mercenary, people say that the heat of battle changes people and in his case it does. It doesn't matter whom they might be, what they've done or haven't done, if he's been contracted he'll make sure to get the job done regardless. When in battle its as if he was a completely different person, someone who had lost control of his senses and his emotions until its all over and done with.


Boy, I'm not really making him sound out to be a good person here am I? But no, Garrett is very protective when it comes to his friends and his close ones, he would do what it takes to get them out of harms way, taking their troubles on as his own and would forget about his til they're safe and taken care of.


[align=center]Locations you might find him:

[align=left]Garrett can either be found around the lower areas of Ishgard and the Forgotten Knight, other places that you might find him are the lower decks of Limsa Lominsa or wondering around the streets of Ul'dah, he does enjoy to travel quite abit.


[align=center]What am I lookin' for?

[align=left]I'm looking for new friends to enjoy RPing with and interacting with IC or OCC, because having connections amongst different people is great and it can lead to other things!

Possibly looking for a romantic partner, because who doesn't love abit of romance here and there? Even the drama that it can lead to between characters can be pretty fun.

Nothing beats a good enemy/nemesis though, I think sometimes having a fued between characters or more can always lead to some interesting scenarios.

Also who can turn down work? Gotta get by some how so employers are welcome also, as long as its planned out and not doing something random just for the sake of doing it.


Sorry if this was all abit too much to read or the wrong place to put it all, I'm new to this place so be nice pls >:

But if you are interested that would be great and I'd love to hear from you.

So once again, thank you for your time and don't be afraid to ask any questions and such!








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Heya. Welcome to Balmung.


You'll find that there are a lot of people at these hubs (The Quicksand comes to mind) already have pre-existing connections with one another so it may be difficult to find some new connections at first.


If I see you around, I'll find a way to say hello to your character. Always good to make new connections, you know?

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Welcome! I too have tried to get in on RP at the normal hubs but in my experiences there seems to be so much going on that walkup rp can be missed or ignored. With that being said, when things are less chaotic and you can communicate more one on one or to a small group then I have found the rp community to be very open and welcoming. I look forward to seeing Garrett about Eorzea (Benedict is has also been bit by the wanderlust bug).

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