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Harvest Moon-styled Free Company


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So, I'm sure a good number of you know about Harvest Moon and it's oddly addicting gameplay, not once does one wield a sword nor casts a spell, the extent of more fantastical subjects is the presence of Harvest Sprites and the Harvest Goddess.


I want to build a Social RP around the concept of a Harvest Moon town but unsure as to how one would go about it, I do want people in Craft to shine a bit more as Adventurers would seem to be out and about too much to really carrry presence in the town.


Can anyone give me a helping hand.

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I think if you did this, you may have to network a bit with other FCs and crafters. That way it gives the feeling of trading/interacting with people outside of your home/town. Granted you'll have a long, uphill battle as that would require a house of your own and those things aren't very cheap or even readily available. Either way, it's a novel idea and I wish you luck :)

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Well, here's how I want to do a few things, I understand that getting the materials and stuff will be hard, but I would be willing to do it if I had members committed or interested to the concept.


-I'm not wanting to emulate Harvest Moon in FC form, but rather, capture the concept of a social RP that's within Harvest Moon.


-When it comes to the Free Company house, I wouldn't want it being the "Town" per say, Instead, that would be the Court Square sort of thing with the House serving as the Courthouse in some way. I'll leave it to Eorzea to make the town.


-When it comes to characters, I would want multiple roles. Like an Armorer and their one or two assistants or a Alchemist and their apprentice or even two Weavers constantly bickering about who has the better clothing and such. I wouldn't want them switching class in character though.


-Even though Drama and Romance are another big thing in Harvest Moon, I understand that it's the touchier subject in Roleplaying and a tad frightful to work that stuff in.


Those are some of the things I have in mind for it. As I've said, it's more of the idea of a Social RP that Harvest moon has within it's environment and story, a quaint little town of Crafters and Gatherers that aid their Adventurous brethren as they come and go, whilst bringing stories and the latest gossip and news to the people. <3


Where I need help is brainstorming ideas in making this work, I'm totally in love with this idea and I would really appreciate any pointers, tips, advice, and things to be wary of when the day finally comes I attempt this.

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*Snooze bubble pops*


This is something I've always wanted to do, but on the grandest scale of...say....an entire ward of housing acting as a town. Unfortunately, it's nigh impossible to create such a thing on this game because the housing market is super-dumb and practically every server by now has had its wards stockpiled with random ownerships.


The second hurdle is that many an FC is insular and with good reason, while plenty DO interact with each other on occasion; there is no interplay so deep that the FCs feel that each is part of a larger community. They may wave to the neighbors, but that's about it.


At best, we've had RP events that are geared toward Crafter's Bazaars and our jewel, the Grindstone's fighting tournament as well as other tourneys. It's about as social as the server on the whole gets really barring the occasional "Slice of Life" bar crawl.


Nevertheless, I would looooooooove to see this sort of thing exist so I encourage you to keep dreaming, keep conceptualizing, and strive for that goal.






*Snooze bubble*

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