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A Bright Dream [Story]


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(Written with...~)




It was late evening. But to her, the sun was soon to rise. Within the comfort of warm bed sheets she were. And yet, to her all that she felt was the cool breeze of Abalathia's winds.


A silky, light, loose nightgown. Traded for a white, form fitting vest. Bare legs and hands, then finding themselves protected by boots, pants and gloves. Instead of a mattress against her back, there was instead a bow and quiver, backing up her adventuring fashion. She puts a hand against her head. A leather beret made itself known.


Leanne smiles. She looks around. Another island above the clouds. Strange animals, alien like fauna, an apparently infinite road stretching towards infinity. Another playground for her to have fun in.






"Thine imagination, once more at work, Skysinger." A booming voice echoes above. An elder dragon flying through the skies. Big, old, powerful. A friend. A mentor.


Her savior.


"Do you like it, Reinhardt?" She asks, golden hues seeking after the elder creature, legs starting her march forward. Forever after the ever distant horizon, her mantra.


"It is analogous of thine aspirations. And bright. Very, so." He looks upwards towards the sun. Within this inner realm, it appeared as especially radiant. Although she couldn't see, Leanne felt a faint appreciating aura coming from her interlocutor.


Her steps began to become quicker. The red haired seeker started her run. Chasing after that light, relentlessly, passionately!


That ever distant horizon. So full of warmth, a giant beacon of light.


Suddenly, the road comes to an end, as so did that island. Leanne peers down. Only clouds greeted her visage. She smiled.


And then jumped.


Plummeting into the white, the girl couldn't help but spread her arms.


"Until my very last breath, I shall go forward..." She sighs contently as the wind brushes away at her form.


"...And forward you shall go." Reinhardt declares at the very end, as he catches Leanne midst her fall, having her land on his back. He and her rises above, cutting a line through the white.


And after the sun they go after...

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