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Find the River [Lost River seeks Friends!]

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And here we go, might as well broaden my horizon of meeting new people. Having finally got out of her melancholic, martyrdom style funk. Lost River is hitting the streets, avenues, and what have you of the known world of Eorzea, seeking companionship.



All genders and races can apply. Now for the curious details. Lost River is a Black Mage, she was one from 1.0 before (She was retconned from an Elezen to a Roegadyn once I could make females ; yay). So those with sensitive aetheric senses might feel a strong presence of thaumaturgy. 


Also, those who pry into her history from before the Calamity might find that she used to work for the Syndicate in Ul'dah as a brothel madame. As to what she -really- did would require even deeper digging and IC interaction; or perhaps she truly was one of that too.


Also another fun thing to poke at when interacting is guessing what her age is; time jumps and all that jazz + black magic fun times.


As far as the friends go, it can bloom into a romantic interest as Lost is currently single; once again, all genders and races can apply and I prefer to actually role-play that out as a maturing friendship instead of just "Hi, I'm your boyfriend/girlfriend" at the get-go.



Look forward to meeting you in game. ^_^

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I wish to swim in the River. :D


No I refuae to be sorry for that line.


Feel free to give pokes if interested in stuffs. I usually arrive online very late on Fri-Tue around 12:30am EST.. I do keep more "human" hours on my days off on Wed and Thurs.

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Fyrilsunn's(almost) always happy to meet new people. Especially over a few drinks.


Also an alt im working on by the name of Aulsoix is a thaumaturge, and is always up for some magic based nerding and shenanigans.  Though poor fellas only barely past 30 so location is a bit limited.

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