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Alpha Tester Acceptance Mails Heading Out! (10/23/2012)


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We have recently begun sending notification e-mails to players accepted as alpha testers for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. For those who do not receive an acceptance notification this time, do not be disheartened! We are planning to augment the ranks of testers over time, and there will be more opportunities for you to join the fray.


Furthermore, because the Alpha Test is commencing first in the Japanese region, at this time e-mails are being sent only to players who reside in Japan. When testing for the other regions are ready to commence, notifications will be sent to players accordingly.


The development team is still seeking players who would like to participate in the alpha test. If you are interested and have yet to apply, we encourage you to do so.


Proceed to the Alpha Tester application site.



Might not revolve around the majority of us, but I think it's still major news anyways. Most content in the game is "finished" and they're ready to have people start testing it. Woo!

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