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Leaf on the Wind


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[align=center]Sky Pirates Avante![/align]


This Linkshell is dedicated to establishing and maintaining contact between Sky Pirates, Sky Pirate Crews and Sky Pirate Free Companies and allies. We're working to build a Sky Pirate dedicated community that welcomes all regardless of origin, allegiance--past or present--where every men and women answer only to their own desires. Our cousins from the sea are also welcome!


This Linkshell is an Out of Character shell, meant more as a hang out and OOC organization tool rather than anything else where members can contact others to discuss roleplay ideas and opportunities, or merely just enjoy the company of kindred spirits. Your character doesn't necessarily have to be a Sky Pirate to be a part of our community, but it is advised that they are or have some connection pirates as it is our Linkshell theme.


Our sole rule is that every man and woman is responsible for their own words and affairs: Remain civil and cordial to your fellows, do not bring problems and arguments to the Linkshell, do not fight your battles in the Linkshell. Civil discussion is welcome otherwise.


For entry in the Linkshell contact Reinard Ackerman, Seiko Mamushi or Auralia Rhotana.

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