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Adventurer and a few dozen other things

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Now I'm just doing to help my cousin out with the connections, mainly because it's kind of sad just watching her take her time walking around Ishgard/Ul'dah/Limsa/Gridania self emoting. Hoping roleplayer-senpai notices her. 


Not exactly sure what she really aims to accomplish but what I do know is that if any of you need another body in, say a small expedition, maybe even some small odd job that needs doing (or rather you believe the job's under you) or hell just walk up and get out adventure. Hit her up, might make a roleplayer's day. 


What is she?


Well for starters she's a runaway Ishgardian noble, or rather a ward of the house Oirellain. Recently come back to Ishgard so she's there ICly most of the time at the moment. Spent at least 4 or so moons in Ul'dah, only in recent weeks did she start heading around the big three cities. All the same she's still in touch with the events happening in Ishgard (so yeah she's heard of everything up until 3.1's end)


For those indulging in uhh courtesans, you might recognize her too, although she operates on the cheaper spectrum with crazier, bigger, loftier goals. That said, she's not exactly one to identify as a courtesan, rather being called something far more..basic(?)


Might be if you're a bunch of couriers and you're delivering an almost regular shipment of venoms that might just be her thing too. Some gil to be made there, she's not poor nor wanting in the slightest.


On the other hand she's been to the alchemists' guild once or twice and is a regular, I think, levetaker. I quote, 'Besides selling my body isn't the main source of gil, I get that by plunging these stabbers into coves what cloying er harassin the Ul'dahn smallfolk. Was my Limsan spot on?"


The way she carries herself, you'd think she's got a darkside that sadly overtook her. And you wouldn't be wrong but she wouldn't be aware of it. A long story about this little bit I should probably try to lore check here. 


Ah right, the most important bit. Maybe she's in game right now because I'm still in the Commonwealth wasteland, anyway Nivie Oirellain's who she is.

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Since there's one right here. Might as well right? :> 


/le hug ze cousin.


Thought that I should use this little site and see if the rp comes faster. Granted, the kind of character Nivie is may just end up shooting me in the foot and turn people away. Anyway, I hope roleplayer senpai notices me :3


So let's get down to business(todefeatthehuns), namely what I'm lookin for :3


Seeing as the prodigal daughter has come back to Ishgard, with no intention of really reconciling anything. I thought maybe some Ishgardian contacts would be nice. Bonus points for someone who could probably recognize the *ehem* third eldest and eldest living daughter of the house oirellain. If bastard mistake could be considered as one. Maybe some people aligned with Haillenarte may recognize the family name at least. High mortality, tip of the spear sort of thing.


Any sort of mentorship with two blades or alembic would be nice. For the former, she's good enough with them to survive most things with a few scratches here and there. The latter, well you could say she's floundering around without the foggiest of ideas.


Can you sense someone's darkside? Like say, for instance in the level 50 drk quest [redacted] won against you. Toyed around, opened your eyes, completely influenced you. In fact does a darkside really grow in strength? Anyway that's not the point, if drks can smell darkside like bloodhounds maybe that'd be another potential hook.


Random adventures are always nice too. Like yanno..ICly help her track aether currebts all throught the Hinterlands. Maybe even an IC lib run at the end?

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