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The Other FNG


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So I decided why not and made an account here too, like my cousin, the Forever FNG :>


MMORPG background. Ehh I've played a boatload of f2p mmo's and literally jumping from game to game. Could say FFXIV's the first I played with a subscription, shouldered by me and my cousin now of course since we share his account.


RP experience. Do passing glances at my cousin roleplaying count? If not, absolutely none.


Character idea? well I already have a character, I just think she'd like to meet more people.


How'd I learn about this place? My cousin and miss Aya Foxheart :>


I think I want to be a heavy rperist but I don't know if I should be putting on more weight (hueh) :3




Here I am, the Other FNG. Hope to meet you all.


God, I'm horrible with introductions.

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