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Eorzean Institute, seeking members of all types.

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Eorzean Institute is a role playing Free Company founded to act as a forum for Eorzea's best and brightest.  The Institute offers a place for researchers, teachers, and students to come together and have fun; offering classes in various fields including: magic, martial skills, crafts, trade skills, and the arts.  


That said, we are currently looking for players from all walks of life. Though we emphasize roleplaying, we will also be participating in all sorts of content, and will be accepting nonroleplayers into our ranks.  


Currently, we have set up an ooc linkshell for those individuals who are interested in participating in our events, but are already locked into an fc that they love. However, when space is limited, actual members of the company will have precedence.


We are still in our infancy, and much more will come as the company grows and develops.


As we have no housing yet, we will be hosting our events in a number of different places, with generous souls already willing to loan us their private homes for rp space, as well as plans to use Min Khetto's Amphitheater as a sort of outdoors classroom and lecture hall.  


We are currently looking for:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Inventors
  • Tradesmen
  • Pretty much anyone else!


We currently are very small, and anyone joining the free company proper will have to bear with this for a time while we recruit.  If you have any interest in joining our free company or its associated linkshell, message me or Arietty Moonfall on here, in game (My characters: Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn, Aulsoix Claimane, Jujuwai Totowai/Hers:Arietty Moonfall), or drop an application in our enjin to set up a very brief interview with one of our officers.

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