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Quarry's Run


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:thumbsup:  A Bit About Us:

Quarry's Run is a fairly new Free Company, formed about one to two months ago. As a theme, we consider our characters that represent the company to be serious monster hunters. If there's a threat, chances are we'll be itching to eliminate it for the safety and well-being of those in nearby settlements! While payment in gil is a great motivator for most of our missions, there are missions we will take up without pay if we feel it's simply the right thing to do. If your character is, say, a farmer and is suffering problems by a large pack of wolves, but is unable to pay for the services of proper mercenaries, it would be a job Quarry's Run is willing to take to give the client peace of mind.


:geek: As a Free Company, what are some activities that a potential member may look forward to?

Quarry's Run prioritizes in RP events with an emphasis on story-building and character development! However, we also have an interest in PvE, such as dungeons and unsync'd glamour or mount runs. PvP is a lighter interest and seems to be more a personal choice. (A few of our members partake a lot, but some are more sparing!). We have a few crafters willing to teach others interested in taking up Disciples of the Hand and Land.


Out of game, a few of our members are working on building up a twitch stream for older RPG's such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 1-6, the Lufia series and more! Any member is willing to participate and/or (If they have their own stream) are welcome to show us what they're interested in! While small, we do our best to include anyone and everyone in our activities.


:?How does the usual Quarry's Run Interview go when speaking with an interested member?

Quarry's Run has a two-part interview system that helps us get a feel for our new potential member! 


Part one is an OOC interview, where we generally talk to you, get to know you, ask about you and have you ask about us! We provide details about the Free Company, IC and OOC, our voice chat preference, as well as our usual times for events and their styles. 


Part two is the In-Character interview, most often held at our Free Company estate! At this part of the interview, we get to see how your character interacts with two to three of our officers as they give you the IC rundown of how things work and the kinds of monsters and messes you may experience in the future as a member of Quarry's Run. At this point if the interview is satisfactory, we will extend an invitation to the Free Company proper and make offer for the IC Linkshell! This leads us to....


:dazed:"Satisfactory?" What determines that?!:dazed:

Don't worry! This is pretty much to prove that your character isn't an Allagan God turned Warrior of Light with psychic powers strong enough to melt the average human brain. We greatly support creative and innovative RP ideas, but there are some things that I'm sure anyone wouldn't be able to accept!


:blush: What if I'm shy or rather quiet?:blush:

Entirely fine! In Quarry's Run, the goal amongst members is to help facilitate a friendly and relaxing environment while keeping our eyes on the prize. Nobody will force you to talk if you're not comfortable, and will let you adapt at your own pace! Still, upon logging on if other members are on, expect a flood of hellos!


:cactuar: One Important note here::cactuar:

I feel it's greatest to make this known so the reader has knowledge of this before joining or applying: As a free company we're a fairly blunt group of people! I can safely say that we are not for everyone. On voice chat, we're rather loud and rambunctious and most of the time OOC we can be seen as extremely silly. However, despite how we may appear, I can guarantee that members of Quarry's Run at the core are kind people willing to assist their company mates and others.


:moogle: Is Quarry's Run's Free Company chat IC or OOC?:moogle:

FC chat is OOC! However, we do possess an IC Linkshell for members and allies of the company that we use to help with events. Usually, the ''DM'' of the event will post large posts for enemies, clues, etc in the shell to help minimize clutter and spam to others nearby.


8-) Sounds pretty cool! Who would I /tell to get in contact with Quarry's Run?

Quarry's Run as of late has a few members who are on at various hours of the day, and would be willing to speak to interested individuals! Below will be their names and their most commonly-seen hours online:


Mhaya Bajihri (Online most EST afternoons to nights!)

Ambagai Haragin (Online at random times CST!)

Avesa Iseth (Online most afternoons and usually one of our late-night members!)

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