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[HowTo] Getting onto Balmung


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Ok I hope I'm not overstepping but this has been a frequent strain in the new posts and considering I just went through this myself, I thought it might help anyone stopping by to see some info on just what is going on with Balmung, or at least what we think is. Also this will probably also apply to Gilgamesh and any other restricted server.



First off, YES.. Balmung is pretty much under permanent character creation restrictions.

Why? Lots of stipulation from sheer volume of traffic to possible Square-Enix actually being the first gaming company to like RPers (doubtful). 


So the question remains, How does one get a character created on Balmung? 


Option 1: Try to log in and create your character immediately after server maintenance or a server crash. Reports are that it is almost always done -EARLY- so that is when you'll have to do it. If you wait till scheduled up time then it's likely TOO LATE. No guarantees though. 




Option 2: Create your character(s) on an open server. Wait the 3-4 days required (I suggest grinding your MSQ so you at least have the airships and travel between cities unlocked) and pay the $18-20 to transfer your character(s) onto Balmung using the Mogstation. Everyone I know who has done this has succeeded. I've not heard of a single report of this failing. (Note: I believe you can transfer up to 8 characters on the same server to another so if you are even considering making alts, even for retainer space, do so NOW.)


Some people think that it's not worth it to transfer over, but I will tell you one reason why I thought it was worth it: goldsellers! Consider the transfer fee a "goldseller removal tax" (which is sad).  On Cactuar you either are in /busy, use a mod, or turn off tells all together.  After getting onto Balmung? I have gotten a total of 3 random FC/Friend invites in the 3+ weeks I've been on here. That's it. No spam in whispers or say. It's... peaceful.

We could go into why the servers are always restricted but that's not the purpose of this thread. I hope this helps others.

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