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Good news everyone!


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Good news everyone! I've discovered a way to arrive on Balmung!


But in all seriousness, hello everyone! I play Bleeding Light, everyone's favorite happy-go-lucky lesbian Roe, here to deliver grade-A hugs to everyone!


Behind the screen, I'm everyone's favorite happy-go-lucky lesbian human, here to deliver grade-A ehugs to everyone! I've RPed for many years, in many different games, and have been playing for some time on the Faerie server, just now heading to Balmung after one of it's recent crashes. I managed to get in a full group of alts ready (just in case), and am ready to hit the town, engage in RP, and make a scene!


Er... Or, at least, that's what I hope. FOR THAT I NEED YOU GOOD SIRS! I'm throwing myself to the sharks, throwing myself at this game with wild abandon, and I'm just hoping one of you lot catches me.


Who shall it be? Who wants some hugs, and some RP?

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