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Now Presenting: Lady Nehlu Thaiasona Faircloud

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  Nehlu is back from her trip to Ishguard and is looking to make new friends. Quirky adventures, silly escapades and serious missions are all on her to do list, and you can help her cross them off!


 She's an odd girl. Struggling with an inner demons no one knows while pretending to be a normal girl. As a result of her conflict, she can quickly go from the dim and cheery Miqo'te girl she fakes on the outside to the very serious, primal woman hiding beneath.


 This makes Nehlu a great companion for all types. She can be steadfast and strong for friends who walk a dangerous path, or she relax with those of simpler pursuits.. and perhaps simpler minds, and welcome the shenanigans that might distract her for some time.


Learn more about Nehlu here, https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Nehlu_Faircloud


and contact me in game as Nehlu Thaiasona.

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