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Searching for Associates and Camaraderie

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Greetings and salutations. Just getting into Final Fantasy's universe, and of course my first stop is the RP section. and you can't exactly RP without a couple of social contacts to... well, RP with, as you might assume. Few brief notes about my character, a certain Za'riaa Astrae.


Not much to tell, actually. Female Miqo'te, short in stature, very easy going in nature. Almost a party animal, but without the party, and a socialite, without the social interaction. Knows her way around a knife and a long pointy stick, but is a bit of a craven and naive as a fresh-faced wanderer in Eorzea can be, just to mention a couple of the cards in the deck stacked against her.


In out of character terms, any RP is decent for me, although I prefer extended storylines, as in RP that takes a long time to cultivate (for example, a romance that takes four or five months to take off) or a rivalry that is eventually resolved in a glorious, climatic story event. ChatRP is fine, be it through something like Steam or Skype or whatever other programs one has in mind.


You can reach me in game by adding or whispering Za'riaa Astrae. Not in an FC. I hope that my stay here brings a lot of good RP in the days to come.

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Hey there, and welcome to FFXIV! If you need a hand, or someone to RP with, you can contact me on Mhaya Bajihri (My main) or Crashing Waterfall (My alt)! I'd be happy to do what I can to help. :)

YOU HAVE A ROE ALT! and never told me? I thought.....*sniff* we were friends.....

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