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Sienna's Survivor Shirts!


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Unintentional triple-S there. But yeah.


I have designed some shirts and hoodies based around the Dalamud logo, and was wondering if there'd be any takers?


You can view some examples below, and I have some set prices that include the garment, printing/pressing, and postage.

Let me know what you think?




Costs would be as such:

T-shirts (three varieties) are $30 including Postage.

Hoodie (Zip, no zip options): $50


Various colours available, and everything other than the zip-hoodies can have the logo either on the front or back.[/spoil]

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I hope you don't get a cease and desist order. Not sure if the meteor symbol from the logo is copyrighted, but the eorzea font might be. You might want to think about an original design just to be safe. I was working on some different eorzean typefaces for the crystalline logo that you're welcome to use:



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From past experiences with friends who sell Pokémon Gym Badges, it tends to be a case of they don't care unless you make a certain amount of money, which isn't my aim. Also, as both the logo and typeface in use weren't created by them it's not -as- much of an issue. Similarly to how people sell their artwork of Cloud, or Charizard, etc. as prints. ^^


Either way, I respect SE enough so if they ask me to stop making/selling these I'll do so. But! Until then, I'd like to give people the option of having some neat XIV-themed shirts. :3

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love it! Dang' date=' though...If that's really the cost of a hoodie, it's no wonder they run so expensive at geek/gaming shops[/quote']


Yeah, this stuff becomes supercheap when buying in bulk, but if only three or four are made? It raises the price like crazy. :(



Just to let y'all know. The first (possibly only, depending on interest) batch will be done this Sunday/Monday, ready for shipping Tuesday. So if you want one please let me know ASAP. ^^

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If you can hold a black Tee with red print until January the 5th, that'd be amazing!


I don't think we'll see commercial selling of real Meteor Survivor Polos from SOE other than at special events and cons, so I'd love to get a hold of one-- just can't shell it out at this time.

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