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  1. A Sienna would be interested to take part in this!
  2. Rosa is active, though in need of more activities!
  3. During our meetings, there'll be opportunities to ask questions and get/give feedback. Here is the Q&A session from our first Rosa OOC Meet that occurred Monday 12th of August, 2013. ------------- Sienna: So this section is.. Q&A! What do you want to know about Rosa? Our Lore, our OOC plans for the game, our IC plans for the game, etc. Claire: As a thieves guild, how exactly will we...steal? or is that a dumb question? As for stealing. It's mostly RP fun. Your character sneaks an apple from a stall, or breaks into a merchant's home at night, or raids a tomb, etc. Just keep in mind that we're not trying to be the super-thieves or renowned. We're not the main characters of the game, we're the interesting minor characters people want to know more about. Rosa is a hidden group, it was such throughout 1.0 and was ICly prior to the gamelaunch. They are thieves, treasure hunters, or just people who are there through family/birth. They're not wanting to have Rosa become well known as it means they will be sought out and hunted. Too much to deal with to simply make Gil. When the thief jobclass inevitabely comes out? Welp, use [steal] and get robbing those mobs ICly! For now it's more of a roleplaying aspect (you could request IC permission to pickpocket other peoples' characters, etc.) outside of dungeon raids. Those will be fun to RP out, so long as you keep in mind they have time limits in XIV. It's more a case of RP they're going in, do the missions, pretend it was IC (Wtihout breaking character. If your character is a PUG but you're rolling WHM to get through the event you can just pretend they're PUG.) outside of, y'know, beating the bignasty boss that is only supposed to be able to be defeated by the one true hero kind've character. Kanko Charm: What are your goals for Rosa? Rosa's goals are to have a large, relaxed, IC environment for the thief-y type characters. Sienna was born within Rosa, her parents were members since near the beginning of it's formation, so it's not like we invite ONLY THIEVES. I want Rosa to have a big number of people, because I want it to have the whole big-family vibe we envisioned when it was concepted back in 1.9. There will be storyline events, important ones that anyone can be involved in if they want to be. There will also be IC adventures, parties, quests, etc. that, again, anyone can get involved in or even set up! Within a few months of Live, when things settle, we'll be looking to recruit DMs (you can apply) to help organise events. I think myself a good event planner, but even TV shows have guest writers for episodes y'know? The main thing for Rosa is: Your character is treated like family. Your character treats the other members like family. If your character wants to go on a treasure hunt, people will want to help out (so long as it's reasonable) and vice versa. Members chip in to a Rosa "bank" similar to guild banks, but ICly it's more so to ensure no member of Rosa goes without food or drink, etc. We look out for our own, yeah? Outside of that, ICLY there are no major specific goals. OOCly there'll be fun adventures, storylines, and quests. Kanko Charm: How do you plan to counter the effect of big numbers? For large numbers, we'll take that as it comes. Rosa could never go over 25 members. It could also go to 100 dependant on popularity. By the time we need to worry about numbers, we'll get more mods and second-in-commands. Keona: For guild events, I enjoy running like smaller dungeon groups (4 man content for FFXIV) and is the kind of "treasure hunt/hiest" that I was refering to Keona enjoying strategizing. Is that okay for me to set things up like that in advance and treat it as a guild event? In regards to dungeon raids, not everything has to involve all members. Like I said, you can join events if you want to, so there'll be times where Sienna grabbed CeCe, Keona, and Xene for example and goes searching for something because they were around at the time. Or, it could easilly be done on a day where we set up multiple parties and just run through it and pretend it was together, split up, etc. TLDR, yeah that's cool. Keona: so what about like.. end game and that stuff? Do we have any plans for that as a guild? Did they ever make endgame content for large groups? Oh man. All the raids. I am endgame orientated and always have been. I'm also hardcore RP.Endgame will be 8man and 24man currently, though, if you're wanting to run the 24man when it releases you're gonna want to be seriously geared out. XIV doesn't do endgame easymode On this topic, Rosa will be a Linkshell. I'll be forming a FC seperately that members of Rosa can join and RP in, but it'll be open invite to anyone. It is not a Roleplaying Free Company by design. The goal for the FC will be to get as high up on the ladder as possible, and get a good, solid community of people who are heavy into their Endgame. Kanko Charm: Internal IC conflict, how will that be met with? Obviously Kanko's somewhat confrontational... so is this something I'll suffer for OOCly as well as IC? In families, any family, there's conflict. There's arguments, there's fights, and there's times where you don't talk to a sibling or relative for months. But in the end, you're still family. So long as it's remembered that, in the end, Rosa is 'family', it ends when it ends. However. If a member of Rosa decides to betray one or more fellow members, do something overly violent, or cause risk for Rosa and the inhabitents as a whole? You'll be lucky to leave alive. It'd be a case of you're exiled, you hand in your key (someone ask me about this after), and you'll have people watching you from then on out. If you speak of Rosa or try to bring the family down? It'd be on par with someone trying to bring down a mafia family. Keep in mind, that's IC. I'm not gonna godmode and kill your character off because of a fight. Nahue/Isabel: There's also initiations to scare the crap out of little cat boys. Not everyone goes through initiation. Only those who are personalities like "LET ME IN TO ROSA. I WANT TO BE THERE, OR ELSE!" Some are invited through family or other means. Xenedra: How will you decide that? Based on how you want to join. Nahue joined because he knew Sienna. They got along enough for her to be able to vouch and get him in. It's also more of.. Whether the leader at the time wants' to just for-the-hell-of-it initate someone because they have a personality or attribute they deem warrants it. Kanko was very aggressive in his way of wanting in Rosa, he was also asking about it enough to have them watching him for a while. So for him? Initiation. If Aadolfiia is robbing a tomb and your character helps out through coincidence or fate, etc. and they get along? She might just outright invite them to join if she feels they'd fit and could be trusted. TLDR, Initiation is more for the rowdy types. Though, once in, a guy might get thrown into an initiation by the other guys as a way of welcoming them. Like banter, but with a pain-in-the-arse task.
  4. We could be getting drunk together!! pffahaha. Sorry /end thread hijack Yarr!
  5. I think there's been an issue of lack of communication from the Mods side, here. It's been a little over a month since the whole neutral stance began, but unless I missed some major post there was never any Higher-up notice stating that the servers were going to have their primary/secondary status removed. I think that, if this had come up vocally from the leadership, this issue might have died down by now if it had been there for people to read, see, and reference for whenever this topic came up. Please keep us in the loop for things that are of importance involving the community as and when they occur. D:
  6. Mmm~ I got BLM/WHM/MNK to 50 and WAR to 35. That was about it, really, for the fite-fite side.
  7. My thief-orientated characters do not consider themselves heroes, though they do heroic things. The consider themselves adventurers with an ambiguous moral code. In honestly, I've not really encountered any thief-types who claim to be heroes outside of those who WOULD BE considered heroic (albeit forgotten heroes) through their efforts against Garlemald, specifically during The Battle of Carteneau. Even the darkest shade of grey has people they want to fight for.
  8. The world isn't black and white. Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. To the rich he was a vile lowlife. To the poor he was a hero. If someone works hard, plays hard, has friends and family, and occasionally steals materials or items so that they can make a better profit from their own works? Yeah, they have a jaded moral code, but it does not make them Total dark. Examples in response to your saying someone who wants to play a darker character has screws loose, APB and City of Villains. These were both games where you could pick sides. There's also popular NON-MMO games like Grand Theft Auto, and Bully. These have you doing things that, IRL, wouldn't be considered acceptable behaviour. In another example, you're opting to play a game that has Black Magic in it. Black Magic is the demon/devil's work in several beliefs and cultures. If you choose to play that, that doesn't mean IRL you're a Satanist.
  9. I'd not have an issue with them being a bit taller or shorter than the slider, so long as you do hit the cap on the slider's direction. Saying your 2 inches above max and having the slider to shortest is silly. That said, if you want to make them a good several feet above or below the height that is normal for their genetics, I'd not be able to take it as seriously.
  10. I actually find that outfit cute. I might have to work on GLA just to be able to wear it. 8D
  11. Dangit. I just spent 30 mins doing this to find out Ship beat me to it.
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