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Melisandra Masters

Rare Rose

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I. Basic Info 



  • Primary Character: Melisandra Masters

  • Linkshells: N/A

  • Primary RP linkshell: N/A

  • Race: Roegadyn


II. RP Style 


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    Light-Medium, I am still new to this whole RP'ing on an MMO thing, but I am more than willing to try almost anything, that being said I would rather be asked/told through a tell before anything happens to me as I would rather RP with prior knowledge instead of just something completely random.

  • Views on RP Combat and Injuries:
    From what I've seen it's usually people rolling dice ala D&D or they just 'say' what happens and the other person usually reacts reasonably to the suggested situation. Again being new to this, I don't really know what would fit me 100%, but I am willing to give either a try. That being said, I would rather my character not lose a limb, not only would that compromise my character's image...but would be rather hard to pull off game wise. 

  • Views on IC Romance:
    Though not opposed to it, there's a fine line between 'romance' and a 'one night stand' and being new, I would rather wait before anything of that nature comes about, so though it's appreciated please do understand my hesitance. 

  • Views on Non-Romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    I am perfectly fine with this, that being said, I would like to be asked if anyone wishes to 'relate' themselves to my character, just to see if we 'mesh' correctly before making any decisions.

  • Views on Lore:
    Though I don't think breaking a game's lore/story is 100% alright, I can see how in some instances the 'rules' can be bent a little. Bent, not broken.

  • Views on Chat Functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    /say  and /em is almost strictly for roleplay, IC purposes however with friends it may not always be IC.
    The use of (( )) will always indicate OOC.
    If a linkshell is to be used IC, it must always be used IC and indicated as such.
    /tell will be used primarily for OOC functions however it will be obvious if it is used for RP.


III. Other Info 

  • Country: USA

  • Timezone: Mountain/GMT-7

  • Contact info: In game for now, may update this later with other info.

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