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Empyrean Vanguard <EVA>


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[align=center]The Return of Ala Mhigo[/align]

The land was wrongfully taken by Garleans during a civil war between the citystate. Many of the Ala Mhigans are now displaced in a world that does not seem to understand, accept, or wish to help them. Others are still out there fighting for their homeland as we speak. We want to help them get it back. We want to assist those who wish to not only see the Garleans and their conquest of the land end but ensure. We want to also help those who have little assistance from others; offer a hand out to them in aid with food, clothing, and basic supplies. We do not want to see them resting in slums made from tents just trying to get by. They are people and deserve to be treated with respect.



[align=center]The Hunt and Destruction of Voidsent[/align]

Within the Vanguard is an order of Witch Hunters. An organization focused on the hunting and destroying of all Voidsent. The vile creatures that prey not on the flesh, but the souls of all, and those around them. Creatures such as this are an abomination in the eyes of creation, and will be crushed ruthlessly by the Onyx Cross order of Witch Hunters within the Vanguard, while still maintaining and organizing the war front against Garlemald.




[align=center]To the Seven Hells With Garlemald[/align]

A once small nation who posed no threat to others was quick to spark in to the technology revolution and push their bounds beyond their own lands. Their ideals are radical and not fit for the land of Eorzea as they have the same belief as the Scions' to eliminate the threat of Primals, but they take a very different approach, which in turn has been shown to leave bloodshed in its wake. Due to this, The Empyrean Vanguard has come together to not only assist their Ala Mhigan brothers and sisters, but to ensure the Garlemald does not achieve its goal.




[align=center]Freedom for All[/align]

We want to ensure that not only is Ala Mhigo returned to its rightful owners but help all those affected by the Garlemald. The group has several diverse persons which have all come together under one roof to ensure not only that their people and interests are focused upon but the other races/culture of Eorzea as well. With this in mind the Vanguard looks to not only get Ala Mhigo back, but also assist in the return of Othard, and the absolute destruction of Garlemald.

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