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[Pre-Event RP] History Left in the Past (Closed)

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(PST to join in this RP please.)


[align=center]In the cold north of Ishgard, in one of the libraries and archives resides a man. An Elezen man with long and deep purple hair and black eyes. Purple marking all on his face and his skin looking quite pale. His eyes fixated on the books opened before him and before long, would check out five of said books from the location. Each one a book that talked about history from the past. One of these books contained information that he had to destroy....[/align]


[align=center]He kept a calm stride as he walked through the city. The cobblestone tapping under his feet and the snow lightly falling onto him. He thought for a moment, looking over at the nearby tavern and figured a little drink wouldn't hurt. The Elezen soon turned down the stairs and entered the tavern, sitting at a table and laying the books beside him. Covering the most important under the rest. The warm flame by the fire felt nice, and so did the soothing dim light. [/align]


[align=center]"Now then...How shall I read these?" the man thought, eyeing the flames in the fireplace. Aiming to destroy the book right in there when no one was looking. But he had to be as relaxed as possible to pass wandering eyes. Instead, he took the top book about plants to read as a cover.


[align=center]But those who were highly attuned with Aether could tell something was definitely wrong with this man.[/align]

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