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I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.  Solace is recruiting!  After a company reboot and a multitude of changes to the infrastructure, we have taken to getting our name out in any way possible to offer a variety of options to the community!  Below are the descriptions of the company as well as an IC flyer that is currently being handed around in light of our recruitment!


New or old, all offers will be considered!  In game, contact Arin Tayuun, I'llofii Tsunhe, or Argust Clow for any questions that you may need to ask!



Out-Of-Character Description:


Solace is a rank 8 Free Company.  We current have a small plot in the Goblet, but we're making our best attempt at looking for another plot within the next few months (if not a little sooner).  The Free Company's main focus is to make a comfortable, drama-free zone where we can bring fun and exciting roleplay to all of our members. We do our best to lend a helping hand to each other, guide new players, give advice and enjoy the perks of the game with our friends! From a roleplay aspect, we want to help members make new IC connections and aid in the development of the character.  We're willing to work with each individual, take suggestions on different types of roleplay and plot scenarios, and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.


We also have PvE aspects to the company as well.  Occasionally we set up events geared around events including but not limited to pony farms, first-time clears, old content, and new content.



In-Character Description:


Solace is a mercenary free company aligned chaotic good.  Our company's main focus is aiding any who come to our doors looking for those with the strength or intelligence to help their cause—for a price, of course. We walk the life of honorable mercenaries tied together by comradery and a good day's work. Be it aiding merchants with the caravaning of their supplies or defending a village with little in way of protection, Solace strives to give nothing short of their best on each and every job.  We are also a family. With members from all walks of life, we look out for each other.



In-Character Flyer:


In Ul'dah, the postage of flyers are a common occurrence.  From inside the Quick Sand to the boards of the Grand Company, they're a way of staying 'in the know'.  However, this particular flyer seems different from the uniform and clean-cut flyers typically seem.  From flyer to flyer, the paper seems to change--color, type, length, width--and the handwriting on them seem to vary.  In a way, some of the flyers seem almost frantic or rushed, as if it were a life or death situation in getting the flyers out to the public.




Solace needs your help!


In the light of recent events, we have decided to open our ranks to the public once more.  Our aim is to rebuild our forces for the foreseeable future as new information has been brought to our attention and we must act quickly.


We are looking for potential members who have experience in a variety of subjects, but we're also accepting applications from those who are willing to learn.


For serious inquiries, Solace's new leader Arin Tayuun will be making rounds in Ul'dah.  Search her out near the front entrance of the Quick Sand for more information on the recruitment process.


If you'd like to become a specialist, please be ready to present your skills and unique abilities upon approval.




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