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A quick question about Character transfer.


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I'm coming to Balmung sometime within the week, and recently I read that if you make multiple characters on the realm you're transferring off of (namely Cactuar for me) you can bring all of them with one 18 dollar transfer. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me? Cause I have an absolutely adorable Lala Black Mage I'd love to bring as well.


Thank you for your time and sorry for bothering you!


Edit: Thanks so much for your speedy responses!

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I can confirm this is true. I've done it before with several other characters as long as they are all on the same server you are transferring them from. (Say all of them are on Cactaur, you can transfer them. If one is on Cactaur and another on Siren, you have to pick which one since you can't use it on both of them.)


I hope that helps!

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