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  1. 1. Moonfire set (female/either?) 2. Blue Bird 3. Large Woven Rug 4. Tonberry
  2. Welcome Back! I'm glad to see you, can't wait to hopefully meet in game!
  3. Welcome to the RPC! And to Balmung!
  4. What happens when two shy people offer up their contact info to each other? ...absolutely nothing! Neither one has the nerves to approach the other! I feel you on this one, Selarian. And I don't take it as an offense when people don't contact me in-game. I figure it's either a matter where we aren't online at the same time, or that the other person is fighting just as much anxiety as I am. The one time I sent a message to someone else in-game, even after they gave me express permission on here, I nearly had a full-blown panic attack. I'm prone to looking people up in the player sear
  5. Video Game Hardware (mice, keyboards etc) Seem to also be covered by this. So long as it's got the line of text, it's in the promotion.
  6. Mutually-needed hugs? I'll lean on you and you can lean on me and through physics we might both stay upright. Aww here ya go *Hugs Everyone*
  7. *Hugs* I truly hope you feel better than you are right now!
  8. I....could use a hug right now. I'm going through some crappy anxiety about one of my characters and it's just not leaving me in a good headspace.
  9. 1. Panda 2. Morpho 3. Company Tabard 4. Bustle 5. Justaucorps *bows* Thank you very much once more!
  10. Does a half pint character come off as too annoying? Too sarcastic? Too goofy/cheerful? She teases people she likes but does she do it too much? She's genre savvy because of her background, do I make her too perceptive? Do people think she's boring, trying to hard, obsessive, or weird? For my other: Is her being Sharlayan putting people off rping with her? Is she too sassy? Too sassy is better than being a doormat with the emotions mild and anxious, right? Does she sound like a dictionary? She's a scholar so she's really smart but I do my best to keep my vocabulary so that people can und
  11. Tara


    How have I not endorsed you yet? Gah! I love how you brought Nevahe to life! She looks exactly how I imagined she would! +100000000 yeses to Syrie!
  12. I had thought about that, but I was worried it'd be a little god mod-y since the main characters use it. Do alot of people really use it in rp? Like I said I'm pretty new to the ffxiv scene and I came from wow, where even bending lore a little bit or playing a non ingame race will get you blacklisted. So you think people wouldnt do that here if I explained it that way? I haven't seen it often but I have seen it. I think that a lot of people do shy away from it because of the main story characters having it but it's been said in multiple places that normal run of the mill adventurer/peop
  13. There's an ability that the many people in Eorzea and beyond have called the Echo. It manifests differently for everyone. Some might be able to see the memories of others, some could see brief glimpses of the future, another might be able to understand every language spoken. So on and so fourth. Normal people can have the echo just as much as the overpowered Main Story Character so I don't see why your character couldn't be able to see the future in some capacity. I know I used that ability for one of my character's mom. But her visions were always random and set in a random time i
  14. Tara


    Is this LS still running? If it is I'll have my Doman characters on Balmung in about a week!
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