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  1. Welcome to Balmung! I think I saw you out front of the Quicksand earlier while I was running around doing the last paladin quests. I hope you find exactly what you're looking for!
  2. I think there's been a bit of confusion, because you originally said "pre-4.0", at which point Au Ra had been in the game since 3.0's launch and the lorebook expounded upon them more before 4.0 hit. Now, the people who all roleplayed as magically glamoured Au Ra before 3.0 hit, I think that's the group you're specifically referring to, and I agree that they jumped on board a bit prematurely.
  3. Oroban


    Hoy there! Enjoy your stay on Balmung, and much RP to you! o7
  4. Absolutely! Doman and Hingan naming is based on Japanese, specifically Japanese from between the 16th and 18th centuries! So having a Japanese themed name would be one hundred percent in line with lore.
  5. There was an issue with mogstation where the option to transfer to Balmung wasn't actually removed from the shop's functionality, just all of the menus and your ability to select it. I don't know the particulars, but it boiled down to people exploiting the website to get access to the hidden option and transferring despite the server being locked. (afaik it's still open right now, at least for qualifying transfers) They all got permabanned, I think.
  6. Hyped enough that I almost forgot about my MHW hype and that's less than two weeks away! I even convinced a friend who's never experienced it to buy it for pc and let me hold his hand through it. I really, really can't wait to let him walk into Ornstein and Smough and just...not help. You know, so he can have the full experience of a new Dark Souls player. ...and then I'll skitter off to join the Blades of the Darkmoon and spam Wrath of the Gods until every single one of you sinners loath me with the heat of a thousand exploding suns. Just like old times.
  7. Welcome back! Wish I could help, but my new character that I'm playing is a rural Hingan samurai, so alas he can't do much with a squire. Like...pay. Or house. Or feed. Or even know what a squire is. Good luck, though!
  8. Haha, someone on reddit supposedly has sold a large plot on Excalibur for 1.1 billion gil. That's just insane. Ah well.
  9. Still no house since 1.0, but hey, there's always next time. (And the significantly more far fetched hope that SE will fix their stuff.) My launcher froze up and had to be force closed twice before I could even get into queue because it got hammed so hard right at 5:59. I'm mildly salty but low expectations kept me from getting really upset. Congrats to everyone who got one, and for the rest of us, good luck next time! :love:
  10. Oh man, I'd love one of my goofball! (if you're still taking them, at this point, of course!) His current outfit, and examples #1 and #2 of him being a goof.
  11. I'd like to meet her on Khy sometime, if I could! He's an errant do-gooder himself, though if she's stern and strict, he may rub her the wrong way. (Him being an upbeat airhead with no attention span for anything but his hobbies and all.)
  12. I was literally planning to buy a switch just to get Monster Hunter XX in japanese for it, but I guess I'll wait for the ps4 one. I'm really, really interested in the mechanics for stealth and environmental destruction/grappling, because that's new and can make or break it depending on how they're done.
  13. Hurray, more Roegadyn ladies! Not that I'm biased, of course. Have fun getting in the RP community!
  14. Time to craft an edgelord edge so sharp it can't be smoothed...er, I mean hi! Welcome back to the RP scene!
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