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  1. I think this sounds like an excellent idea. And from one petty dabbler of Tarot to the other, I like this idea. Of course the second I read Storyteller I start thinking of the Lv 70 Bard trench coat But yes, I am in full support of someone whose eager to divine the future in game.
  2. No, I made a Tumblr, that's rapidly going out of date since I started thinking strongly about resetting the character to zero. It may be less involved but I just it to keep a track of specific in-character things.
  3. I too skimmed over the post but as someone who loves Summoner/Arcanist/Scholar ... I don't mind more pet classes. That's a ridiculous statement said by Square. Known, for their outlandish, stupid, and ridiculous statements. ADD BEASTMASTER NOW! IT'd be soo cuuute with all the puppies and stuff.
  4. This may be an old reply but I say, Go for it. Anyone whose actually spent time reading the lore book would see that the lore is busted. If you so wanted, you can pick Machinist as your class and claim that your weapon is an arm cannon, strapped on by the fabulous powers that be Cid's workshop and nifty workers and that the gun is actually powered by your own aether. Technically there's nothing to stop you from doing so. So again I said, if she wants to be a Viera, I say she should go for it.
  5. So about a week ago or so, playing through the MSQ as my main character again whom I had abandoned sometime ago out of boredom. Watching the cutscenes, just, made things sorta connect in my head and I could see how this would just, lend itself really well to the melancholy of my head. So I made a GMV about it and the opinions have been positive so far. Some criticism of certain aspects but still applauded it. That's not to say I can't take negative criticism of course, I look for all kinds. It's the only way to get better. Either way, I wanted to share it with you all. And hear your thoughts on it. Enjoy ~ PS. Since I can't get spoiler tags to work... Apologize for the video just being in your face right here. = ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~= ~
  6. If you spot me around, don't fear to strike up a conversation with me. I am open to meeting anyone.
  7. I did not read any other replies aside from the main one. Just a disclaimer. And also my reply is a month late, but myes. First off, to me it sounds like you have fallen for this one more than just a friend. But that's okay, it happens. Secondly, just as it seems to you, it also seems to me, that she is avoiding confrontation because she's evidently not good with them. Whatever warm feelings there used to be, are just not there anymore. Personally, but this is how I deal with things, I place the cards out on the table and demand answers. An end to the suffering. And if they aren't willing, then I end it myself right there and then. But.. That's my life experiences that makes me this direct and may not be right for you. Either way, The only thing I can say is that, it's time to move on. Since I am one month late with this - How has things progressed?
  8. I would say that perhaps it's because he had our lover killed. Or perhaps it's because he's just old.
  9. For Lv 50 there's the two Darklight Cowl of Casting / Healing ( Both Dyable ). The Darklight Cowl of Casting drops from Lost City of Amdapor while the Healing equivilent drops from Brayflox ( Hard ). They have a similar appearance to that of the Ascians robes almost, with " rune-like " elements ( or perhaps more 'tribal tattoo art' ) on them. The Gloves are by far the best in my opinion as they are clawed and look really neat. If that's what you mean of course. For actual singular hoods without cloaks well.. Then I don't actually know of any.
  10. Boko's gonna KWEH! 

  11. Faris Scherwiz, she's my favorite. Cecil Harvey, he's also my favorite. Sephiroth, loved him since I first saw him. FF1 Red Mage, says itself really. And Red XIII because I love fluffy doggies and a doggie that can talk would be the best thing EVURRRR! I could pet him and be like " Whose a good boy! " in a silly tone, and it'd be so cool and all that!
  12. Heh, the only ones I truly loathed in Dark Souls were all the STR focused players. They'd run up and slam me to death once. And then they had the gall to send me a message with an insult like " F-ck you for using magic! ". Which only strengthen my resolve to keep using magic even though it's a death sentence for invasions since it's so easy to avoid .. Simply out of spite and hate for them .. Wrath of Gods is an amazing spell hands down <3
  13. My uncle ( Mother's side, 1 or 2 years older than me ) and I used to watch a lot of Wrestling when we were kids. Or rather, he watched and I watched with him because of the whole family-lookupto stuff. And after we watched Wrestling, he'd try to do those moves.... On me. I had quite the bruises as a child and even a blue eye once. I haven't followed wrestling really for over 20 years, give or take. When the new upstarts started coming into it and Hogan turning heel I think it's called, I kinda lost interest I guess. BUT, when you stumble across a clip of someone who captures your interest, you sit there and go; :surprise: HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE AFTER THAT! Watching old videos from like the 80's with Tiger Mask is pretty darn impressive But I guess there aren't many new eye-catching ones like it was back then, though I could be wrong. But like, I don't hear there's anyone as crazy as Ultimate Warrior was with the rocket fuel and the space aliens and Hoagan and SNAAARK and stuff like that. :roll: Hence why it's not gotten my attention very much.
  14. I used to be pretty active Star Trek Online player. Having a Federation - Alien - at Lv 60. A Klingon Defense Force - Ferasan - at Lv 60. And Klingon-Aligned Romulan - Alien - at Lv 60. I recently stopped playing this though because the pointlessness of it all set in. All the loot boxes and all the time waste doing stuff was grinding my gears. A long long time ago, I used to play World of WarCraft. Not anymore though. I'd love to get into The Secret World, but it doesn't run too well on my computer. And since they renamed it Secret World, Legends... Not sure I want to anymore. Shadowrun Chronicles is a game you potentially could see me in, though.. It's not very good. Dreadnought I've had massive funs with the few hours I've played it, but oh kweh, it's great! Since I'm going for 100% Achievements in Dark Souls III ( Steam ), you could potentially find me there, cursing at everything. Otherwise I mostly just play old school games. There's always something new to learn in the old.
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