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Twilight's Embrace

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Rejection. Loneliness. Despair. These things and more have gripped your heart time and time again. Whether it's from loss of a loved one, to feeling undesired and unwelcomed, it eats at you, wearing you down more and more each day, your heart feeling ever more fragile.


That's when she arrives, the Au Ra woman with the unusual facial tattoo. Half her face as black as night, the other shining with the brightness of the sun. With a warm smile and a knowing look, she offers you a business card pulled from one of the voluminous sleeves of her yukata.

The card itself is a simple affair, no graphic or picture upon it, though the letters are highly stylized. A hint of perfume clings to the paper. It reads, simply, from what you can make out, 'Twilight's Embrace: Open your arms to companionship and warmth once more. Akiko Nomura.'

A small linkpearl is attached to the card. By the time you look up to thank the woman, she's gone once more, vanished into the Dusk or Dawn air from which she'd come.





Independently owned and operated by Akiko Nomura, Twilight's Embrace offers genuine companionship to the lonely individuals of Eorzea, serving as a gentle respite from whatever may trouble their broken hearts. Being a courtesan from Doma, Akiko has searched for an equivalent profession within Eorzea, and has decided upon this service for others.


What this is:

Driven character development by someone willing to challenge your character in ways most people aren't willing to. A person you can reliably go to for RP when, otherwise, it would be impossible.


What this isn't:

An outlet for senseless ERP. Sex is entirely possible, but is not the purpose of the linkshell, and if that's all you're after, then I recommend you search elsewhere.


"What can Akiko do for my character, then?"

Most anything, really! If you need any inspiration, however, here are a few examples of things she's done with her clients in the past:



Potentially NSFW:

• Bathing

• Conversation (typically in-depth, reflective and with honest interest in the client)

• Dinner dates

• Overnight companionship (less sex, more 'sleepover/cuddling')

• Physical affection (cuddling, kissing, etc.)

• Relationship advice

• Sex (reserved only for her closest clientele, inquire for more details)

• Short-term adventuring


She also, as a side thing, often offers counseling on matters of sexuality and sexual health, bothered by what she views as 'an obsession with shame and sin' in Eorzea.


Important Information:

First and foremost: I have a right to refuse any service/interaction at my own discretion. This should go without saying, but given some of my past experiences I feel it prudent to mention it now than to try and deal with it later.


Akiko is primarily interested in women*. That's not to say that exceptions cannot or have not been made, but it is something worth keeping in mind.


*Transwomen equally as safe and welcome should you have one!


There is no money involved. As much as I might enjoy gil, I do not enjoy the concept of 'paying' for RP. There can be an exchange of gil on an RP level, but if you do wish to involve your OOC gil, we can possibly work something out on a case-by-case basis. That said, please don't feel obliged to do so. Seeing you and your character happy is payment enough.



Contacting Me:

Assuming I haven't scared you off by this point and you still happen to be interested: I am available here on the RPC or in-game, though I prefer the latter as it is instant and I play quite frequently, even during hours most don't. Do have patience if I'm duty-bound, however; I will get back to you soon as I'm done, promise!


Setting the Scene:

The main thing is for our characters to ICly meet in-game, long enough so that Akiko is willing to offer one of her cards to yours. From there, it's as simple as contacting me via my IC linkshell or through a /tell if you're particularly shy and/or want to plan things out first OOC.







Useful links!

Polyamory: A roleplaying guide

The Courtesan Compendium   (Akiko is likely closer to the Kisaeng of Korea rather then an Oiran, but is inspired by both)




Note: The format of this is HEAVILY inspired by Open Your Heart which closed for good many, many months ago.

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There is a darker side to the services offered by Akiko. When viewed in the light of a rising or setting sun, the back of the card shows letters otherwise not seen.


"As the sun sets, so too must life end. Those that seek to escape this inevitability, or who would darken all other skies before their own end, must be shown the error of their ways. In Twilight, Balance."


Those in the know, either from living in Doma for many years, or who have connections to the criminal underworld, will realize that Akiko is an assassin for a cult to 'Balance', long thought to have been eliminated. They seek out targets who have amassed 'too much' power or influence, and are otherwise threatening the balance of the world, and whom might cause a horrible event. Good or evil, this does not matter. The Emperor of Garlemald would be just as tempting a target as the Warrior of Light, for example.


If interested in RP of this nature, please let me know ahead of time so we can discuss it properly. Akiko will not target PCs without their consent, but can be hired as a spy, or recruited as a 'villain' for plots and the like.

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