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Back again, and brought company

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'Ello everybody!

A few months ago I started up again and enjoyed it immensely, however life wasn't conclusive to playing. Things have calmed down and I'm back for good this time.


More fun is that this time the gf has joined me, and she's hooked. Shes a bit of an old school RP'er and never has done any RP in an MMO. Shes a bit nervous but not shy. She doesnt have a backstory to her character, and will most likely end up evolving like most of my characters do, based on who they meet and what happens to them.


I think some good OOC introductions would be good for her to get comfortable and get her feet wet. Anyone have any linkshell suggestions? Or good ways to get her slowly involved? She's very interested, I just dont want to throw her in the deep end.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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