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Cadros Malone - Aspiring Hero Extraordinaire!

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Hey everyone!  Wanted to get some C&C on my current idea for my RP character in FFXIV.  Basically the idea is to play the young, kinda idealistic, man who sets off on his path to try and be a hero from the beginning of his adventure and see where it takes him and how he changes as a result.  This is of course a rough first draft, so any ideas/additions are more than welcome!







Race:Midlander Hyur


Age:Early 20s





Occupation:  Adventurer (Lancer)




Stands at about 5’9”-5’10”. 

Fairly well-muscled, not the form of someone who works for appearance orpure strength, more of someone who is familiar with labor and prefers function over form in terms of physicality.  Lightbrown hair, a little long but well maintained, blue eyes.  Skin is a fair tone and pretty muchunblemished, no visible scars or anything to speak of.  Overall a clean appearance, clothes are niceenough but clearly not expensive.[/align]


[align=justify]Backstory:  Born in the small village of Riverbough in thesouth-east of the Black Shroud, Cadros is the first-born child to a fisherman and his wife, Edric and Agatha.  Likeevery kid does at one point or another, Cadros dreamed of being a hero.  He and his friends would run around in theirfree time with wooden swords, pretending they were a band of adventurers, defeating imaginary monsters and saving the day.  As they grew older, his friends stoppedplaying pretend, beginning apprenticeships and helping provide for their families.  Cadros, however, did not.  While he helped his father as a fisherman, hespent much of his free time training and generally messing around with his wooden sword.  Of course, he soon reachedthe age where he was considered too old to play with such toys, so to avoid the jeering of his friends and confusion/scorn of adults, he switched from a wooden sword to one of his father’s harpoons. 

With that, he could at least say he was working if he were evercaught.  So it went on for a coupleyears.  Then the Calamity came.[/align]


[align=justify]            While his hometown was spared the worst of thedestruction, the effects of the Calamity were still felt by the village.  Everyone set about trying to rebuild theirlives.  Everyone but Cadros.  The Calamity had only reinforced his desireto be an adventurer.  To be a hero.  He spent the next three years redoubling hisefforts in training, going as far as to pay some of the town guards to spar with him while off duty.  On the night ofhis 18th birthday, he told his parents of his plan; he was going toleave and become an adventurer.  Hismother of course refused to entertain such ideas, but his father, after hearing Cadros out on his reasoning, produced a gift for him.  A plaining looking, but well-craftedspear.  ‘An adventurer should have aproper weapon, not a make-shift fishing harpoon.’  His father, and after a long debate, hismother both gave him their blessing. 

Taking a couple weeks to familiarize himself with his new weapon, and tosay goodbye to his friends, Cadros gathered his things and set out for Gridania to register with the Adventurer’s Guild there, and make his mark on the world as a hero.[/align]

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