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Highlander Seeking a "Really Good Friend"

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*Takes a deep breath, braces himself for any flaming and trolling that might come his way.*


Cutting right to the chase: I'm looking for a male character (or even multiple characters, I suppose) interested in playing the part of my character's romantic interest.


Possible RP hooks on how they meet and get to know each other include joining his sell-sword group, teacher/student arrangements, business contacts in Ul'dah, or anything else you can think of. Randomly bumping into each other and striking up a conversation works too! I'm totally open to ideas. I'd like us to RP into this rather than rush/force it.


Of course, any friend of my character is a friend of his group of sell-swords too, so you'd always have plenty of company and are totally welcome to join us on events, RP, etc.


Please give these a quick read if you're not scared off already:


Character Wiki Here

Player Directory Post Here


Interested? I prefer you PM me but sending a tell in-game works too!

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