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Hustle and bustle (Open RP)


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[spoil]As mentioned elsewhere, this will be the first of a few RP scenarios set before, and leading up to Dalamud's impact. It's to give people the opportunity to flesh out their characters leading up to ARR and the ability to form bonds for it, too![/spoil]


Ul'Dah. Loud, Hot, and full of life. You could easily lose yourself in the day to day life here, as well as your clothes and Gil for that matter. It wasn't a place for the overtly naive, but held great opportunities for many. It was easy to see the attraction.


The Ruby Road exchange was situated near the Hourglass, an adventurer's guild, and was home to many merchants and blaggers. At this particular stall was a girl. She could have been anywhere within her teens. Silvery hair was kept up underneath a hat, and violet eyes shone brightly with energy. Arms were held out in welcome as she yelled from her stall.


"Get yer weapons! Finest in all of Eorzea, they be!" She grinned proudly. The life of a 'treasure hunter' lead to her finding many items of value, and the fact she had the ability to craft some of her own also came in handy.


"Fisticuffs, daggers, an' swords! Defend yerself from those beasties small and large outside of our fine city's gates!"


Her stall had several weapons, small daggers, bronze swords, horas and fists of varying cost. Most days of the week she could be seen here, and she'd gained a decent enough reputation. Word was, however, you didn't try to blag her or make off without paying. She had contacts of an unruly type.


"C'mon and get them before yer chance is lost!"

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A purple velvet bag, filled with gil and locked shut with a golden drawcord that was knotted around itself.


Clink. Clink.


Bounced up and down in the air with one hand, the metal inside clinking against each other with each short toss up in the air, until gravity takes back over and pushes it back down into its owner's hand.


He strolled through the Ruby Road exchange, carefully stepping around one of the central pillars that held up the overhanging decorative yellow pieces of cloth that helped to block off the bright light brought forth onto Erozea by Azeyma in all Her glory.


His crystal blue eyes swept back and forth over the area, his Elezen height allowed him to look over the heads of damn near everyone in the area until he finally found the stall he was looking for, a food stand that was buried up next to a bluish haired girl hawking weapons.


Stepping carefully around a pair of Lalafell and Miqo'te children playing with a pair of Goblin Dice in the middle of the walkway, he pushed his way through the light crowd to his goal.


Clink. Clink.


The shopkeeper was a Highlander Hyur, his sandy-blonde hair knotted into cornrows and then into each other against the back of his head, his gray eyes steeling themselves into each person as his mostly bared chest muscles rippled with each breath to make sure that no one dared to steal from his store.


"I would like to buy five salt leeks, two pixie plums, and a single fat blowfish. Please." He added, his fingers still nonchalantly bouncing the gil-bag up and down in the air.


Wordlessly, the Hyur thrusted his hand into a wooden barrel on his left side full of dark water, sinking down to his elbow before he grasped a fish and brought it up to the surface. He tossed the blowfish down onto the wooden cutting board in front of him, it having been pockmarked previously by previous kills with the fillet knife that the Hyur now wielded in his free hand.


He pressed the fish still with his left hand, running the knife through the scales and against the skin, drawing them off and away as he mutilated the fish's flesh until the life ebbed completely away. Then being careful to slice carefully around the poisonous liver, the Hyur made three more cuts of an equal length alongside the length of the fish as well until all the meat was divided up.


The pieces were piled ontop of each other and then wrapped up in a thin waxy paper, and bundled up together before the Hyur dropped the remaining unsellable bits of fish and fish entrails into a waste bin beneath where a bunch of ogre pumpkins were piled up on the back counter partition.


Clink. Clink.


"Blowfish, salt leeks, and pixie plums...that will be fourteen-thousand gil. With the Elezen tax included."


The Hyur looked up at the Elezen's face, and smiled. The rotting brown and yellow teeth peered out from beneath his pale, cracked lips.




The bag bounced one last time and then stopped, being clutched in the Elezen's white gloved fingers.


"Elezen tax? All of this is only three thousand. At most."


"Yep. Pay up. Or do I need to call over the military?" The Hyur's voice started to increase in volume, starting to draw attention from other shoppers as well.


He looked over at the stall next to the food salesman, where the girl was still attempting to sell off all sorts of weapons.


"Do you offer a free field trial?" he says, only half-way joking as his blue eyes are still trained on the Hyur clearly attempting to extort him.

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Sienna was finishing a sale with a hooded Miqo'te, when the raised mention of the military from another merchant caused her buyer to drop the Hora's she'd been inspecting and dashed off. The Midlander frowned, that would've been a good sale n' all.


"Oi! Darriman! Stop scarin' me customers off just cause yer wantin' to sell some moon ol' plums!" She yelled over to him, before fixing back up to a smile, attempting to attract more clientèle.

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