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The Blue Skies Adventuring Company


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Blue Skies, mock movie trailer



"It's truly something else," The Hyur smirked, folding his hands behind his head. "Not being tethered down anywhere. Nothing but the ground under your feet, and the wind at your back to carry you." He leaned forward a moment, setting a sky blue pearl down upon the table. "To not have any obligations. No commitments. Having the world be nothing but your own oyster.  A fruit ripe for picking."


The pearl slowly began to roll across the unable table, coming to a stop at it reached the center. "It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from. Whether you're the son of an Ul'dahn noble, or a pirate of the high seas. It's all the same. The lust for adventure is something that dwells inside of everyone, whether they chose to accept it or not. I'll tell you this, though. Once it gains a foothold, it's hard to shake it. The freedom to live your life as you see fit. To go where you want to go, and to achieve what you want to achieve. There's nothing to tie you down."


"Treasure, fame, wealth, knowledge, power... it doesn't matter what you seek. No one person has the same goals in life. We've all our own ends we seek to see fulfilled."


His brow furrowed as he slowly rose a hand up and pointed a finger at the man sitting across from him. "We answer to no one, and no one answers to us. We are all, and we are one. Adventurers. Nothing more, nothing less." The finger quickly retracted as the man made a fist. "Whether or not you take the pearl is of no concern to me." A smile slowly crept across his face. "But if you do? You can be certain your life will never be the same again. But I don't think I need to tell you that. Just look outside."


Endemerrin gestured outside, to the bright and vibrant sky. "They're limitless, those blue skies. It's almost overwhelming, isn't it? And yet, you can't help but feel an urge to see what lies at the other end."




Blue Skies is an adventuring based linkpearl on the Balmung server. A band of companions, brought together by one thing and one thing alone: Adventure. They remained tied down to no organization, and take orders from no one. They are not an established group, rather like-minded individuals bound together by nothing more than a linkpearl. They carry no obligations, and no commitments to each other. They come from all walks of life, and all skill sets. Together, they simply work in tandem to accomplish their individual goals and ambitions. To explore the new Eorzea, to gather wealth, to discover power and knowledge. It doesn't matter what, it only matters where it is and how they're going to get there.


Anyone and everyone is free to create events or storylines within the shell itself. Blue Skies is also open to all types of characters. Whether you are tethered down to an organization or not does not matter, your character is welcome to take a pearl and accompany the others on their adventures.



Blue Skies






Endemerrin Rosethorne, Xenedra Ambreaus


RP Style:

Heavy - (Linkpearl is in-character.)





RP element:

"The Blue Skies Adventuring Company" is simply a band of adventuring companions, nothing more. They have no real motives or ambitions outside those of it's members.



Though by no means official, members of the linkpearl have been known to hang around the Anchor Yards in Limsa-lominsa. [subject to change in a realm reborn.]



Open and accepting members to build our roster for a re-launch alongside FFXIV: A Realm Reborn



See the main site.


Additional info:

The shell is open to all characters. Warriors, mages, craftsman, gatherers. It doesn't matter, so long as they have a heart for adventure and companionship. Leadership doesn't really exist in-character, though linkshell members gain veteran status over time, and are often regarded with respect for their past deeds.


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