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A Lost adopted child turned Street Rat

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So, with so many RP'ers on Balmung, I always have a hard time just walking up to people who are RP'ing.  One, I hate interrupting.  Two, it feels just slightly overwhelming (I REALLY don't do well in large groups.  I tend to freeze up and shut down in terms of talking).  So, I figured I would try this.  I have a new alt (ugh, my alt-itis kicks in :lol: ) named Drakeena Kemasu.  I'll explain more below.


-Drakeena Kemasu-






Drakeena was born of a Xaela clan, but she only remembers being raised by other parents.  Adopted as a baby Au Ra.  But after the Calamity, when she was...13, she and her adoptive parents got seperated.  In the mass confusion, Drakeena was pushed down in the panic of Buhamut's assault.  She hit her head and lost her memories.  She woke up in Ul'dah, but had no idea who she was, how she got to the odd city, or what she was supposed to do.  When she was hungry, she stole for the first time.  But she was very sloppy at it.  She was almost caught as she was running with her only meal.  But someone, her 'benfactor', her trainer in all things criminal, saved her.  He (or she) gave Drakeena her name.  And worked on her having amnesia.  So her stealing for him (or her), felt..odd.  Something felt off, but she couldn't figure out why and brushed it off.  Though it still nags at her.  She wants to remember who she is.  But does not tell her benefactor that.  She wants to know where she belongs.  And did she have a family?



Drakeena does not act like a stiff.  Her expression is stoic, but she's more lively than she lets on.  And when she gets angry, she does NOT hide it.  The Au Ra blood in her boils and she wants to fight. But with friends, she is a fierce friend.  Ready to protect them.  Before the whole amnesia happened, she was a very sweet Au Ra.  Loved her parents with all her heart and aimed to make them proud.


The End Game (what the end of this particular arc is going for):

Basically, I would like Drakeena to find her family.  For either her adoptive parents to find her, or her find them.  Either way has such a tender feel to it.  And in the process of finding her family and reuniting with them, turn on the person who took advantage of her, making her steal for them.  Going against who she truly was.  In this I'm thinking more turning them over to the Immortal Flames/Protector/Law Enforcement militia.  (If they escape that's all up to them and the enforcer)



Basically, the roles I hope to be filled by those willing/wanting to be a part of Drakeena's RP.


Adoptive Parents - Any race.  Honestly, I really have NO preference. Same race couple (meaning both are the same race of each other.  Two Miqo'te, two Hyur, etc), different race couple (Hyur husband, Elzen wife, Miqo'te husband, Roe wife, etc.), I am open to anything in this regard.  And they can be from ANYWHERE.  Drakeena just ended up in Ul'dah.  She either lived there before or is a complete stranger there.  Parents could be rich, poor, or whatever.

Drakeena's "Benefactor"/Master Criminal - The one who saved her from being imprisoned by the Immortal Flames when she first stole to eat. Years ago.  Drakeena would still work for them until the finding of the parents where she would turn on the benefactor.


Drakeena's Friends - I don't really think much needs to be said about this.  I'm sure she's made friends among some people.  Two, maybe three people max.

Enforcer/Law Enforcement - This one I'm not so worried about filling right away.  Only because I'm not sure how long it'll take to get this off the ground depending on desire to be a part of it.  It can be one person, or an entire guild.  But again, when Drakeena turns on her benefactor, I'd leave the escape/capture up to these two.  I don't want to infringe on existing RP's between these two groups.


Drakeena's Amoure - Yes, I will put this out there.  I am looking for a relationship for Drakeena.  A MEANINGFUL one.  Male or female.  Someone she found during her time as a thief.  And things would just blossom between them.  This I expect to take time.  And that's fine.  I don't plan on leaving FFXIV anytime soon.  I'm willing to discuss more details about this via PM's or in game.


Now, for the nice disclaimer.  I'm not looking to alter ANYONE's RP.  If it adds to the flavor of their RP and they want it, great!  If they want to do a new character for it, that's great too!  Honestly.  I'm just looking for everyone to have fun.


Also, I will put this out there because I'd rather people know the times I'm on.  This week, I'm working my three-day work week.  Mon night - Thurs morning (5pm-5am EST or for those Europeans 1700-0500).  So normally, I will be on for a few hours during the day.  And I should be on most of the weekends all day provided I don't have a project going on.  Next week alternates to a four day work week and then alternates each week.  Just to give people an idea when I'm on.  I have every weekend off.


I want to thank the community in advance for any interest generated in being a part of this RP.  Thank you.




PS:  Oh, right.  You can reach me in game via Akasumi R'athnia or Drakeena Kemasu

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