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This thread is to serve as both a reference and an archive for topics that have been brought up with moderate to high frequency, or been thoroughly discussed enough to serve as a useful reference for others who may have the same question(s).


Please try to avoid posting in these threads. They are meant to serve only as a reference, and if they are unable to answer your question or if you wish to start a new discussion for any reason, you may create a new topic or use the General Lore Questions thread as you wish.


PM me if you would like to add a thread or threads to the archive, or if you would like your thread to be removed for any reason. This archive will be updated and reorganized continually.




General/Uncategorized Topics

Roleplaying as the Warrior of Light

Roleplaying as the Warrior of Light et al (2)

Healing in RP


Fantasia Usage

In-Character Fantasia Usage

How do you handle Fantasia Mania?

Race Change Debate


Lalafell Roleplay

Lalafell not being taken seriously in roleplay

Lalafell strength and you


Dimension Hopping (aka "Can my character be from FFXI and not be lore-breaking?")

Dimension Hopping

Dimension Hopping (2)

Dimension Hopping (3)


Roleplaying A Job

Do you RP your main class?

FFXIV Jobs in RP

How do you treat soul stones ICly?

Lore Question: Soulstones and how to acquire them


Roleplaying a White Mage

Conjury and White Magic Lore Compilation by Sounsyy

Being a conjurer VS. being a white mage

Is it really impossible to RP if I want my character to become a White Mage?

Lore Reasons: White Mage?

RP Issue with White Mage

Becoming a White Mage

White Mage Lore


Roleplaying a Black Mage/Thaumaturge

Black Mage Legality

Thaumaturgy in Ishgard


Roleplaying an Arcanist

Arcanist Roleplay

Arcanist Lore

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