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[Event RP] Fear, Thy name is Xyla (open)

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[align=center]"It seems like a dream. I saw her there before us...and in that moment, I trembled. I was afraid. That woman named Xyla has done much to my life. She took my eye, She tortured my friends, altered my husband, tried to kill my family...and yet why? Why did I hesitate to kill her in the moment she was before us? what stopped me? Was I scared of what would happen to my companions? Was i scared that it would not work? Or was it that I realized in that moment that her abilities felt more frightening than anything I ever saw? In her presence, She was Bahamut...and I was just a Marmot."

- Arala Makeo after fighting the Water Construct[/align]


[align=center]it had been several days since the fight up in Corethas. Had it not been for two additional fighters, Arala's group would of surely crumbled. Word had already been shared through the Grand Companies about the threat and they wish to control that information until time saw just right. Yet even now, Arala had more doubt in her mind over what she got others involved with rather than her own abilities. The face of the real Witch whom took her eye was ingrained in her mind. She saw the culprit in full...[/align]


[align=center]And she was afraid.[/align]


[align=center]Since then, Arala had to sit down and take a break at the Quicksand. A simple drink would help start the process of gathering her thoughts. Quint, the Doll that rebelled against her own creator had to work on recharging and binding the crystals, but for now they had one. Three more were out there, and three more elemental constructs were still roaming and dormant. It troubled her.[/align]


[align=center]Arala soon placed her face firmly on the table before her. Mumbling to herself about it...but as she looked back at the mug of ale...a vision came to her...the face that was Xyla. And in her mind, she could hear her sinister laugh ring through her ears.[/align]


She panicked and threw the mug up in the air, Screaming like she saw a ghost until the ale returned and drenched her reddish-brown and deep blue hair. She looked like a fool...an idiot. but had they been there and felt the Black Witch's presence, they too would of pissed their britches from feeling her Aether.

"The Thamaturge felt her from across the bridge before we saw her...What kind of monster is she?" she quietly muttered to herself.[/align]

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