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A hearty hello to all

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Alright so I've just discovered the forums which is super neat!! I've been playing for over a year but got the game like....2 or so years ago (whoops,,,i didn't have for a sub back then!)

Anyways hello all ahah.


Alrighty onto the more formal introduction I suppose.


General information about myself:

I'm Nevan, but you can call me Red/Nicolai/Amon/anything else you think of. I'm 20 years old and in poor health!! Fantastic !! I love to draw as well so if you hit me up with an rp i can try to draw some of our rps/characters together.You can view my (recent) art on Deviant art (page link), or other places but i dont post often to the others.... ((I apologize if this isn't all that good grammatically, but i kinda hurt and using this as a distraction =n=)) 


I'm an asexual panromantic, if that matters at all. I use male pronouns. I have a boyfriend and i love him



Roleplay experience: 8 or so years (I started around 12, took a "break" for 2 (i only rp'd with a close friend basically for those 2 years)


Style: I prefer "para" to script, but will use it. I like adventure, romance, horror, etc. basically anything u got in mind!!


Things to keep in mind: I generally don;t roleplay heterosexual characters and tend to prefer male/male and female/female over male/female. but that doent mean i dont do that!! im just really gay i guess oops.....


(extra, i dont use nicolai (my main ffxiv character) to roleplay! I can create a new one upon request or w/e!)

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